They filled the little rooms behind the pulpit and occupied space about the windows. There are about seventy members of the church. A far greater progress should be made now that the debt as well as other encumbrances have been removed. There are in Rio the First, Engenho de Dentro, Governors Island and Santa Cruz churches, and twelve preaching places, four of which are in rented halls.

Up, and to my office, and thence by water to White Hall to attend the Council, but did not, and so home to dinner, and so out with my wife, and Deb., and W. Hewer towards Cooper's, but I 'light and walked to Ducke Lane, and there to the bookseller's; at the Bible, whose moher je have a mind to, but elle no erat dentro, but I did there look upon and buy some books, and made way for coming again to the man, which pleases me.

But the investiture of the lily of Florence with scarlet is a symbol, unintentional, observe, but not the less notable, of the recovery of human sense and intelligence in this matter. The reign of war was past; this was the sign of it; the red glow, not now of the Towers of Dis, but of the Carita, "che appena fora dentro al fuoco nota."

DOÑA MATILDE. No tal, antes al contrario se opone a ello. BRUNO. ¿Y dice usted que se casa? DOÑA MATILDE. Dentro de media hora ... ahí está el misterio. BRUNO. No puede ser eso entonces, niña. DOÑA MATILDE. Te digo que ... D. Eduardo lo ha arreglado ya todo, y me vendrá a buscar dentro de media hora para llevarme a la iglesia. BRUNO. No será el hijo de mi madre el que le abrirá la puerta.

She was half ashamed of him. Whimsically, and laughing to herself at her own absurdity, she lifted her two hands, brown with the sun, to her lips, and cried with all her might: "Va dentro, pigro! Va dentro!" As her voice died away, the boy stopped singing, sprang into the sea, kicked up his feet and disappeared. Vere was conscious of a thrill that was like a thrill of triumph.

Entraron dentro algunos soldados, por mandado del capitan, y hallaron que yua cargado de porcellanas, y mantas, y lienços pintados, y otras cosas dela tierra, y algunos cañutillos de oro molido, delos quales no tomaron mas que vno, y algunas porcellanas, y algunas mantas: y delo demas, de todo poco, para traher lo por muestra. Estuuo este Patays en yr y en boluer, dozientos, y treynta dias.

"Come, my friend," he said, thrusting his hand through the opening, "where are we going?" "Dentro la testa!" answered a solemn and imperious voice, accompanied by a menacing gesture. Danglars thought dentro la testa meant, "Put in your head!" He was making rapid progress in Italian.

The words which she sang were in a tongue unknown to Gringoire, and which seemed to him to be unknown to herself, so little relation did the expression which she imparted to her song bear to the sense of the words. Thus, these four lines, in her mouth, were madly gay, Un cofre de gran riqueza Hallaron dentro un pilar, Dentro del, nuevas banderas Con figuras de espantar.*

The passage is this: Dell' Inferno: Canto xxiii. 25-27: E quei: 'S'io fossi d'impiombato vetro, L'immagine di fuor tua non trarrei Piu tosto a me, che quella dentro impetro.

'La dolcezza ancor dentro me suona. Don't you remember, and made such fun of it at first? 'Amo zoo; 'no amo me? my sweet!" This was a specimen of the baby-lover talk, which is charming in its season, and maybe pleasantly cajoling to a loving woman at all times, save when she is in Dahlia's condition.