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Heaving up his six-feet-one from the seat, he led the way to the two conversing men. Raimonda looked around and greeted the newcomers pleasantly. Cluff waved an explanatory hand between his charge and the bench. "Make you acquainted with Mr. Perkins," he said, neglecting to mention the name of the first party of the introduction.

Can I have your wire, Mr. Sherwen?" "It's cut." "Come to the railway wire," offered Galpy. "My eye! Wot a game!" The two men ran out, the scientist leaving behind coat and goggles. "It was our little mix-up that started the rumor," said Carroll thoughtfully. "Somebody recognized Perk Dr. Pruyn." "When his glasses fell off," said CLuff. "They're some disguise."

In the present state of political feeling, an assault by an American upon the representative of Hochwald might seriously endanger all of your party." "That's right," Cluff supported him. "I'm with you in wanting to break that gold-frilled geezer's face up into small sections, but it just won't do." With an effort, Carroll recovered his self-control. "Mr.

Central, between Thatcher and Pima, took its name from the Central canal, which irrigates part of the settlement. Its first settlers were Orson and Joseph Cluff of Forest Dale, from which they came southward in the spring of 1882. The Hubbard settlement is an outgrowth of the Graham and Bryce wards and is of comparatively late occupation.

There was testimony to show that Apostle George Teasdale had taken a plural wife six years after the "manifesto" forbidding polygamy, and that Benjamin Cluff, Jr., president of the Church university, had taken a plural wife in 1899. Some ten other less notorious cases were exposed including those of M. W. Merrill, an apostle, and J. M. Tanner, superintendent of Church schools.

"Bet the bills smelled of sauerkraut when they reached him," grunted Cluff, striding over to the window of the drawing-room, where the informal conference was being held. "They may have had a Hochwaldian origin," admitted Sherwen. "But it would be difficult to prove." "At least the Hochwald Legation wouldn't shed any tears over a demonstration against us," said Carroll.

"Of course, if you wish it. But the other American is an ex- professional baseball player, named Cluff." "What? 'Clipper' Cluff? I knew I'd seen him before!" cried Miss Polly. "He got his start in the New York State League. Why, we're quite old friends, by sight." "As for Galpy, he's an underbred little cockney bounder." "With the most naive line of conversation I've ever listened to.

Diana Payne, at the Green Lettuce in Holborn, deposed that the prisoner James Cluff and the deceased Mary Green were both of them her servants; that about a quarter of an hour before Mary Green died, she saw the prisoner carry out a pot of drink; that while she was walking in the tap-house with her child in her arms, she saw Mary Green go down into the cellar and bring up two pints of drink, one for a customer and another for herself, which she carried into a box where she was at dinner; that about four or five minutes before the accident happened, Cluff came in, and went to the box to the deceased, and in about four minutes cried out, Madam, pray come hither; that the witness thereupon went to the door of the box and saw the deceased on her backside on the floor, and the prisoner held her up by the shoulders, while the blood ran from her in a stream; that on seeing her, she said to the prisoner, James, what have you done?

"He's gone back to the mountains," he announced. "Sent word for you to get to the port before dawn, if you have to walk. See Mr. Wisner there. He'll arrange everything." "Will Mr. Perk Dr. Pruyn be there?" asked Mr. Brewster. "He didn't say." "But he's gone without his coat!" "And goggles," said Cluff. "And his pass," added Sherwen. "Trust him to come back for them when he gets ready.

However it was, on the 11th of April, 1729, Mary Green being at dinner in a box by herself, Cluff came in and went into the box to her, where he had not continued above four or five minutes before he called to his mistress, who was walking up and down, Madam, pray come here. By this time the maid was dead of a wound in her thigh, which pierced the femoral artery.