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"What's that?" demanded the Unspeakable Perk, running out, coatless and goggleless. "There's been another riot, and Dr. Luther Pruyn is killed," explained Sherwen. "Who says so?" "Bulletin board La Liberdad just saw it," panted Galpy. "Nonsense! It's a bola" "The whole city is ringing with it. They say it was a plot to get him out of the way to stop quarantine.

It emanated from Galpy the bounder, bounding now, indeed, at full speed up the slope, followed by two of his fellow railroad men, flannel-clad and still perspiring from their afternoon's cricket. Against bare legs a cricket bat is a highly dissuasive argument.

But, for the moment the fight had oozed out of the mob. Without mishap the group got across the street, Perkins still clinging to the flag. Suddenly, from the rear rank, came a shower of stones, followed by the final rush. Galpy and Perkins went down. Von Plaanden tottered in his saddle, but quickly recovered. Instantly Perkins was up again, the blood streaming from the side of his head.

After the battle, Miss Brewster reviewed her troops, and took stock of casualties, in the patio. None of the allied forces had come off scatheless. Galpy, whose injuries had at first seemed the most severe, responded to a stiff dose of brandy. A cut across the scientist's head had been hastily bandaged in a towel, giving him, as he observed, the appearance of a dissipated Hindu.

I say, Miss Brewster, the railway I'm in the Ferrocarril-del-Norte office, you know has offered your party a special on an hour's notice, any time you want it." "That's most kind of your road, Mr. Galpy. But why should we want it?" "Things might be getting a bit ticklish any day now. I've just taken the message from the manager to your father."

But, anyway, we shouldn't have time to catch even a cold. We leave to-morrow." The men exchanged glances. "How?" inquired Sherwen and Raimonda in a breath. "In the yacht, from Puerto del Norte." "Not if it were a British battleship," said Galpy. "Port's closed." "What? Quarantine already?" said Carroll. "Quarantine be blowed! It's the Dutch." "I thought you knew," said Sherwen.

He was conscious of brown hands clutching at the cricketer, to drag him away. He himself seized the cockney's legs and braced for that absurd and deadly tug of war. Then Von Plaanden's saber descended, and he was able to haul Galpy back into safety. The situation was desperate now. Mr. Brewster was pinned against the wall and disarmed, but still fighting with fist and foot.

Can I have your wire, Mr. Sherwen?" "It's cut." "Come to the railway wire," offered Galpy. "My eye! Wot a game!" The two men ran out, the scientist leaving behind coat and goggles. "It was our little mix-up that started the rumor," said Carroll thoughtfully. "Somebody recognized Perk Dr. Pruyn." "When his glasses fell off," said CLuff. "They're some disguise."

'The Unspeakable Perk. Stands him right, I should say. There's other reasons, too." "What are they?" She saw a quick, warning frown on Carroll's sharply turned face. Galpy noted it, too, and was lost in confusion. "Oh ah just gossip nothing at all.

Without a word, she ran from the room, leaving her companion a prey to troubled wonder. In the patio, she turned sharply to avoid a group gathered around Galpy, who, with a patch over one eye, was trying to impart some news between gasps. "Got it from the bulletin board of La Liberdad," he cried. "Killed; body gone; devil to pay all over the place."