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They both looked up, both coloured, as if with inward consternation. Thoughts, we all know, are quick as lightning: what was each thinking of, that it should give rise to emotion? Arthur was the first to speak. "Do you allude to the loss of the bank-note, sir?" "What else should I allude to?" sharply answered Mr. Galloway. "But the post-office must be cheeky to deny it off-hand!" flashed Roland.

I'll never let you go! Poor little feet, stumblin' in the dark, what would you do without Jerry? Time's comin', you cheeky little devils, when you'll come runnin' to him when he whistles! No use tryin' to get away you belong to him." Oh, whistle to them now, Jerry they would run to you across the stars! "How'd you like to marry me before I go back to-morrow? No?

I think somebody, or something, has been very good to allow me to come in and see the fun, and stay so long, especially as I came in, so to speak "on my face." But to beg for another invitation would be cheeky. Some of you want such a lot for nothing. "But," you may say, "the poor, the failures, the wretched what of them?"

"It's what?" I said. "She means heredity," suggested Dick "cheeky young beggar! I wonder you let her talk to you the way she does." "Besides," added Robin, "as I am always explaining to you, Pa is a literary man. With him it is part of his temperament." "It's hard on us children," said Veronica. We were all agreed with the exception of Veronica that it was time Veronica went to bed.

There was eagerness in Gabriella's voice, for she was sure that she should love Patty. "Oh, yes, Patty is happy, but mother isn't. It's rough on mother." "I think she ought to have told your mother before she married." "Well, Patty thought she could stand the fuss better after she'd done it than she could before. She said she needed the support of knowing they couldn't stop it. Cheeky, wasn't it?"

In that adagio well, I played it to you once, like the cheeky little duffer I was, and felt pleased as Punch with myself, and no end cocked up because you liked it. Hilda, I ought to have been taken out and shot for daring to touch it! I wish I could describe things, but you know I can't, so you won't expect it. But one thing I will tell you, if you'll promise not to tell any living soul "

"You were not a rough little boy." "I wouldn't have hurt you for worlds. I didn't even know I was cheeky. The dimples were so deep that it seemed quite natural to poke at them like a sort of game." "We laughed and laughed. It was a sort of game. I sat quite still and let you make little darts at them," Robin assisted him. "We laughed like small crazy things. We almost had child hysterics."

"One of the first and most important requests I have to make," said Whittam presently, "is that none of you touch the switches, except by direction. None of you can guess the harm that might follow the careless and ignorant handling of a switch." "It's pretty cheeky for an enlisted man to talk to midshipmen about ignorance," whispered Pennington to Farley.

She'll miss me, though, when she wants the water fetched, but it will only be larky Peter Pegg doing it twice as often; and she will be independent-like, for she always washes his shirt for him every week a cheeky beggar! But somehow I always liked Peter, in spite of his larks as Mr Maine put him up to chaffing and teasing a fellow. But he never meant no harm.

"Wot a cheeky little shrimp it is," retorted the boy, with as much of a grin as a stuffed mouth would admit of. Just then Matilda Westlake, having finished a hymn, and being mindful of the little toe, came quietly down to where Martha was sitting. "Why, dear child," she said, in surprise, "have they not given you something to eat?" "Oh yes, ma'am. But I've "