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I hardly ever left his side except now and again to go into that next room, and poke an imaginary fire, and say a few chaffing words to an imaginary living woman on the bed where the dead one lay; and Jeanie sat close to the corpse, and called out saucy messages to him, or reassuring answers to his anxious questions.

"But he's quite the thing!" declared Nana in perfect enchantment. Gaga and Clarisse had called La Faloise and were throwing themselves at him in their efforts to regain his allegiance, but he left them immediately, rolling off in a chaffing, disdainful manner. Nana dazzled him. He rushed up to her and stood on the carriage step, and when she twitted him about Gaga he murmured: "Oh dear, no!

It can't go more than twenty at the outside." "Very well, Bruce, you need not come to school tomorrow morning." "Thank you, sir." The headmaster stood thinking....The new order.... "Bruce," he said. "Yes, sir?" "Tell me, do I look very old?" Bruce stared. "Do I look three hundred years old?" "No, sir," said Bruce, with the stolid wariness of the boy who fears that a master is subtly chaffing him.

His religious upbringing always left its mark on him, though no one could be more "raffish" and mischievous than he when entertaining friends at supper in the Beefsteak Room, or chaffing his valued adjutants, Bram Stoker and Loveday. H.J. Loveday, our dear stage manager, was, I think, as absolutely devoted to Henry as anyone except his fox-terrier, Fussie.

She was glad she had not remembered the Lutin when she was sitting, eating ices, and exchanging frivolous, chaffing talk with Lieutenant Paritot in that chamber of little ease, the drum-like interior of the Neptune, where not even she, a small woman, could stand upright. "Well, well! We must not keep you from your déjeuner!" she cried, shaking off the queer, disturbing sensation.

You are at the station and you have got your ticket. The American gentleman's wiolent. Here's the police. I must take a high tone." And with these words Chaffing Jack quitted them. In the meantime, we must not forget Dandy Mick and his two young friends whom he had so generously offered to treat to the Temple.

He bore the merciless chaffing at Bishop's with devil-may-care good-nature, and he besought Mrs. Cullum, almost with tears in his eyes, to "let up on Mr. Tobe." "I was sech a dern fool, Mis' Cullum," he candidly confessed, "that I don't blame Mr. Tobe for puttin' up a job on me. Besides," he added, his eyes twinkling shrewdly, "I'm goin' to git even.

Many of the soldiers were still munching the hard bread and raw pork of their meagre breakfasts, or drinking the cold coffee with which they had filled their canteens the day previous. Many more were chatting in an undertone, grumbling over their sore feet and other discomfits, chaffing each other, and laughing.

Yet he was none the more grateful to me, and even did not mind chaffing me about these petty attentions by which he was the gainer. He used to make fun of everything, and I used to look up to him. He still makes fun of everything; but for me the age of gumarabic is past and my faith in Larive is gone.

They were still chaffing Yan about the Deer when he said slowly to Guy: "Generally you are not so smart as you think you are, but this time you're smarter. You've given me a notion." So after dinner he got a sack about three feet long and stuffed it full of dry grass; then he made a small sack about two and a half feet long and six inches thick, but with an elbow in it and pointed at one end.