If you are going to canonize anybody, begin with Aldus Minutius." "Only a difference in patrons," chimed in Lockwood, "the difference between a pope and a doge." "And it's the same to-day," echoed Kelsey, taking the book from O'Day's hand, to keep the leaves from buckling. "Only it's neither pope nor doge, but the money king who's the patron. We should all starve to death but for him.

"I guess we two kin handle him," said Shorty, slipping his belt into the holster of the revolver and buckling it on. "Give us a fair show at him, and we don't want no help. I wouldn't mind having it out with Mr. Bolivar all by myself." "Well, my plan is for you to go out by yourselves to that place where you were on picket.

"No, Reuben, I'll bring disgrace hame to nae man's hearth; my ain distresses I can bear, and I maun bear, but there is nae occasion for buckling them on other folk's shouthers. I will bear my load alone the back is made for the burden."

The Fox called attention to Mackenzie's revolvers; so he stripped his belt, buckling it about Zarinska, into whose hands he also entrusted his rifle. She shook her head that she could not shoot, small chance had a woman to handle such precious things. 'Then, if danger come by my back, cry aloud, "My husband!" No; thus, "My husband!"

The party sat on the bank in the shadow of some tall pine trees, preparing for the amusement, piling spare coats and shawls on the shoulders of a patient groom, and screwing and buckling their skates on their feet. "What beautiful ice!" exclaimed Joe, when Vancouver had done his duty by the straps and fastenings.

"Phonzie, ain't he ain't he the softest little darling! Gawd! how how she'll love to to be wheeling him!" His fingers fumbled with excitement and fell to strapping and buckling with a great show and a great ineffectually. "Here, help me let down the glass top." "'Sh-h-h-h! Every word carries in this flat." "Now!" "Now!" "You wheel him down and in on her, Gert."

"Therr they found 'en, zo to spake, dead in th' sun; but Ha-apgood can tell yu," and Hopgood, ever rolling his pipe, muttered something, and smiled his wooden smile. He came to see me off from the straw-yard. "'Tis like death to the varrm, zurr," he said, putting all the play of his vast shoulders into the buckling of my girths. "Mister Ford well!

I laughed as I went downstairs, in that mood of merriment which was my one sign of excitement at the near approach of peril. A pause at the grateful fire, and a moment later I was saddling Lucy, looking well to girth and bit, and last buckling on the spurs of a Hessian officer. In a few minutes I was trotting up Fifth street.

They look new pray God they be good ones," he continued, gazing over the side at the masses of green water tossed aside from the bows and sweeping aft under the counter in great swirls. The spars and rigging of the Mellish were indeed fearfully tested, the masts buckling and bending like a strained bow.

Renny, if it gives we a little peace about the place. Do 'ee hold tha tongue, and give I a glass o' cider, for I'm fair sweaten' leaken'." Mother and son passed through the archway into the courtyard, and Ishmael, who had been silently buckling on his belt, took hold of the rope head-stall and led the horse towards the pasture. As he went his childish mind indulged in a sort of gambling with fate.