"Chase yoreselves me an' Pete are shore going to show you cranky bugs how to do a hundred an hour. Ain't we, Pete? An' look here, you," he remarked to the heaters, "don't you fellers keep us waiting for hot irons!" "That's right! Make a fool out of yoreself first thing!" snapped one of the pair on the ground. "Billy, I never loved you as much as I do this minute," grinned Johnny wearily.

"Not a word to say for yoreselves, either one o' you," he jeered. "Good enough. I'll do what talkin' 's needed, then I'll strip the hide off'n both o' you." With a flirt of the arm he sent the lash of the dog-whip snaking out toward Jessie. She shrank back against the wall, needlessly. It was a threat, not an attack; a promise of what was to come. "Let her alone."

Take care of yoreselves. Good-bye." He was immediately immersed in his flood of business. We were in no hurry to return, so we put in an hour or so talking with the idlers. From them we heard much praise for Sutter.

"Arrange that among yoreselves. Tom, I'll let you fix up how you'll spell each other. Only thing is, one of you has to be here all the time, y' understand." Morse took the first watch and was followed by Stearns, who in turn gave place to Barney. The days grew to a week. Sometimes West appeared with a buyer in a cart or leading a pack-horse.

With Caleb dead an' gone, no man kin handily foretell what ther Thorntons aims ter do an' without we knows we kain't breathe free." "Why does ye come ter me?" "Because folks tells hit thet ther old man named ye ter stand in his stead an' ef ye does thet we hev need ter put some questions up ter ye." "I hain't said I sought no leadership but speak right out fer yoreselves," invited Maggard.

"What do you want to stick here for like a lot of groundhogs? There's rivers back in the hills a heap better than this one, and nobody thar. You'd have the place plumb to yoreselves. Git in where the mountains is really mountainous."

Anyhow," he continued seriously, "I didn't hit him hard didn't have to. Just let him go an' shoved him quick." "I'm just naturally going to clean house," muttered the prisoner, sitting up and glaring around. "Untie my han's an' gimme a gun or a club or anything, an' watch yoreselves get licked. Called me a thief! What are you fellers, then? sticking me up an' busting me for a few measly dollars.

"Don't bother yoreselves none; I can git it again," he said, tossing off the liquor. "Wow! Holy smoke!" he yelled. "This ain't drink! Sufferin' coyotes, nobody can accuse yu of sellin' liquor! Did yu make this all by yoreself?" He asked incredulously of the proprietor, who didn't know whether to run or to pray.

He grinned continually, but his smile was like the snarl of a snapping dog. "What's up, Garvey?" Shank demanded. "We was just ready to start out fer a cattle clean-up." "Plenty's up," snarled Garvey. "Help yoreselves to liquor while I tell yuh. First o' all, do any of yuh know Kid Wolf?" It was evident that most of them had heard of him.

I want the gold washed out afore then, an' us well down the Strait. It's up to you to hump yoreselves, an' I'll help the humpin'. "We'll cradle most of the stuff an', if they's time, we'll flume the silt tailin's for the fine dust. Providin' we can git a fall of water. There'll be plenty for all hands to do. An' the shares go as first fixed.