Mansoul! the desire of both princes was, One keep his gain would, t'other gain his loss; Diabolus would cry, The town is mine; Emmanuel would plead a right Divine Unto his Mansoul; then to blows they go, And Mansoul cries, These wars will me undo. Mansoul! her wars seem'd endless in her eyes, She's lost by one, becomes another's prize.

Slick observed, "Well, there is a nation sight of difference, too, ain't there, atween this country church, and a country meetin' house our side of the water; I won't say in your country or my country; but I say our side of the water and then it won't rile nobody; for your folks will say I mean the States, and our citizens will say I mean the colonies; but you and I know who the cap fits, one or t'other, or both, don't we?

His wife coming in from the kitchen, he burrowed in the litter upon the table until he found an open letter, which he flung toward her. "The Commissary threatens again, damn him!" he said between smoke puffs. "It seems that t'other night, when I was in my cups at the tavern, Le Neve and the fellow who has Ware Creek parish I forget his name must needs come riding by. I was dicing with Paris.

I tellee it is but ask and have And how do I know that? What's that to you, Dolt? No, no You are a no dolt now You are a good lad. I tellee I'm in the secret! So do you flamdazzle Missee. I a heard of your jumpins and swimmins: and so that you do but swim to the main chance, why ay! That's a summut! I a bin to Clifton-Hall. For why? I begind to smell a rat! And there I talked with t'other Missee.

"These boys and I " began Mr. Adams; but Eph interrupted. "I'll do the talkin', fust. You save yore powder. This gentleman an' these two lads belong to a party I met up with at t'other end the valley. They were prospectin' for a claim they'd heared of.

'To hell, Becky, says he, and he laughs. 'From hell to hell. I'm sick to my teeth o' one, I'll try t'other' a way like that speaks he." Belward was impatient, and to hurry the story he made as if to start on. Becky, seeing, hastened. "Dear a' dear! The red-top were afore him, and I tryin' to make what become to him.

Some food stood on the table, of a quality better than is usually supplied to prisoners, but it was untouched. The person under whose care she was more particularly placed, said, "that sometimes she tasted naething from the tae end of the four-and-twenty hours to the t'other, except a drink of water."

Suddenly a dark mass loomed up ahead and another cry told them that they were close aboard the wreckage. "Oars!" commanded Leslie. The men ceased pulling, and the individual upon the wreckage shouted "Boat ahoy! you'll have to pull right round this raffle, and come up on t'other side afore you'll be able to take me off.

He had a definite proposition to make, although his Yankee shrewdness and caution prevented his making it until he had discussed the weather and other unimportant trifles. Then he leaned against the edge of my work-bench we were in the boathouse and began to beat up to windward of his proposal. "Ros," he said, "you remember I told you you was all right, when I met you at the bank t'other day."

They jump and start, as I cough and cough, like live things. Are you off a voyage, deary? 'No. 'Not seafaring? 'No. 'Well, there's land customers, and there's water customers. I'm a mother to both. Different from Jack Chinaman t'other side the court. He ain't a father to neither. It ain't in him.