Rather frightened than consoled by this, he turned struggling from me, and cried out aloud for his papa. I released him from my arms, and never were more bitter tears than those that now concealed him from my blinded, burning eyes. Hearing his cries, the father came to the room. I instantly turned away, lest he should see and misconstrue my emotion.

But then he considered again that men and women, if they do not murder one another, do actually, in everyday life, for no reason whatever, come to wrong conclusions about each other; utterly and to the end of their lines misconstrue and lose each other. Nay, it seems to be a kind of luxury to them to believe that those who could and would love them are false to them.

And, in effect, the next post from England came laden with speeches and newspaper articles, denouncing, in no measured terms, the 'suicidal folly of rewarding rebels for rebellion. A London journal of influence, speaking of the British population as affected by the measure in question, said: 'They are tolerably able to take care of themselves, and we very much misconstrue the tone adopted by the English press and the English public in the province, if they do not find some means of resisting the heavy blow and great discouragement which is aimed at them. Such passages were read with avidity in the colony, and construed to mean that sympathy would be extended from influential quarters at home to those who sought to annul the obnoxious decision of the local Legislature, whatever might be the means to which they resorted for the attainment of that end.

I therefore thought it more prudent to suffer him to depart, and suspect vilely of me, than to encounter the rude contest which he would more audaciously recommence, were I to send away Mrs. Clarke, which he might even misconstrue into a signal of approbation. These fears prevailed, and I desired her to stay, and by my manner told him I wished his absence.

You have your way to carve in the world, don't ruin it right at the outset by letting people know you are friendly with gamblers. No matter how good your motives may be, this scoffing world will always misconstrue them and censure you." This made me hot and I told him so.

'Oh no, I would rather not know, and I hope you will not tell me. I am quite sure you do not misconstrue my motives now. 'You may be quite sure of that, rather grimly, as though my last speech displeased him. 'It is difficult not to think you older than you are, you are so terribly sensible and matter-of-fact. How can Gladys get on with you, I wonder?

She did not misconstrue what he had said under privilege of a jest, but after what had once passed between them she had not considered that love, even in the abstract, might serve as a mocking text for any humour or jesting sermon from a man who had asked her what he once asked the man she had loved enough to weep for when she had refused him only because she lacked what he asked for.

'Claude is my cousin, at least step-cousin, but we are very intimate; there can be no harm in writing to him. 'No, of course not: but if people misconstrue your correspondence? 'I cannot help that, rather despondently; 'and I do not see that it matters now; but still I will tell you, Ursula. Claude is in love with Lady Betty. 'With Lady Betty? 'Yes, and Giles does not know.

"Is there anything to be concealed?" asked Genevieve, with quiet dignity. "You know how people misconstrue things," insisted her aunt. "That newspaper notoriety was quite sufficiently It's most fortunate that Lord Avondale is not affected. I must admit, his attitude towards that man puzzles me." "I can understand it very well," replied Genevieve, firmly.

"Let us find out what we are talking about, lest we should misconstrue and misunderstand each other." "The matter, madam," answered the Duke of Argyle, "regards the fate of an unfortunate young woman in Scotland, now lying under sentence of death, for a crime of which I think it highly probable that she is innocent.