'Tain't what I could offah to a gennelmun if so be I is got the makin's of a genuwine old-style julep what is de beverage of de fust fam'lies. But bein' as it is, it am mighty coolin', sah, and it got a li'le kick to it not much, but jes' 'bout enough to make a gennelmun feel lak he is one." Cookie's tones dripped humility and propitiation.

"Must be close to him," one said. "Got the makin's, Jim?" "Sure." Evidently the tobacco pouch was passed from one to the other. "Right in these rocks somewhere, I shouldn't wonder." "Mebbeso. Mebbe still hot-footin' it for the hills. He's in one heluva hurry if you ask me." "Killed Bob Dillon in the park, I heard." "If he did he'll sure hang for it, after what Dillon did for him."

There'll never be too many. Smoking is one of the soldier's few comforts. Two bits' worth of makin's a week will help one lad make life endurable. It's cheap at the price. Come through for the smoke fund whenever you get the chance. Café life among us at Petite-Saens was mostly drinking and gambling. That is not half as bad as it sounds.

The English demand their own cooking, their own merchandise, their own tobacco, their own beer which is stale, flat and unprofitable enough these days and they demand their native speech. When he gets in sight of his native land the British Tommy quits saying "Donny mo-i, de tabac! Ma'mselle!" But bellows forth both loud and long, "I say, Lizz, gimme some makin's! and look alive, please!"

Whar's anybody whar'll want my sponge-cake, jelly, and blue-monge, whar I can git ez much ez I wants to do in town? Who gwine want my clar-starchin' an' pickle-makin' an' ketchups? Dem tacky people doan want none of my makin's." I ventured to remind Mammy that all dwellers in the country were not tackies. "I know dat, sah; but whole parcel of um is.

Both boys were tired but happy, and Charley, who had shot his first partridge with Toby's rifle that morning, told Skipper Zeb that he had had the best time he ever had in all his life. "That's the way to talk, lad! That's the way!" and Skipper Zeb slapped him on the shoulder, his characteristic method of expressing approval. "You has the makin's in you of a fine trapper and hunter.

Then, sure, ye've got the makin's av a sailor in yez afther all, as Misther Mackay aid whin he foorst clapped eyes on ye. An', sure, it's now me toorn to be afther axin' quistions, me bhoy don't ye feel peckish loike?" "Peckish?" I echoed, unable to understand him. "Now, don't go on loike an omadhawn, an' make me angry, as ye did at foorst," he cried. "I mane are yez houngry?

Instead of owing rent for two skylight studios they pyramided on one; besides, after that each one could borrow the makin's off the other when the cigarettes ran out, and if there came pea-green moments when they doubted whether they were real geniuses or not one could always buck up the other.

"Old Drivvle, down here to Maccan, said to me one day, 'For gracious sake, says he, 'Mr. Slick, do tell me what I shall do with Johnny. His mother sets great store by him, and thinks he's the makin's of a considerable smart man; he's growin up fast now, and I am pretty well to do in the world, and reasonable forehanded, but I don't know what the dogs to put him to.

From the time I took ye up a feller-passenger to 'Fresco believin' there wor the makin's of a man in ye, to now, you fooled me, fooled me afore the Eureka boys; fooled me afore Gilead; fooled me afore HER; fooled me afore God! It's got to end here. Ye've got to take the curse of that foolishness off o' me! You've got to do one single thing that's like the man I took ye for, or you've got to die.