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Some twenty minutes later, seated by Ben in the motor car, she guided him along a mountain road, which led at last to a point near her father's cabin. She is not afraid of either of the Lupos, although the dent in the plank where the knife was still standing when we finally did get home will always make me feel trembly. Dr. Hume is making us a visit. Cousin Helen will not hear of his leaving us.

Horace, in the following lines, passes a just tribute to the worth of this animal, when referring to his watchfulness, and the ardour with which he pursues those wild animals, even 'per altas nives, that threaten the flocks entrusted to his care. "Quid immerentes, hospites vexas canis, Ignarus adversum lupos? Quin huc inanes, si potes, vertis minas, Et me remorsurum petis?

Many times we have been snowed in on the mountain without food and it has always come. It saved us from the Lupos. I was lonesome and it brought me friends." She glanced at the girls busily preparing lunch and at Ben and Percy talking in low voices on the porch. "Don't you think it will help you now?" "It has left me. I can't find it," replied poor Phoebe. "It is because I am so frightened.

"And now that stupid Ben, who is really a very nice boy under ordinary circumstances, has gone off and left me and almost anything could have happened, wolves, Indians, half-breeds " she added, thinking of the treacherous Lupos. After she had finished, the young man stood for a moment thinking. "My name is Richard Hook, ma'am, at your service," he said.

What do you know of him, Miss Phoebe?" "I only know that years ago they tried to drive us away from our house. But an old man who lived with us, protected us. He owned the cabin and he left it to father and me. There was a will that made it ours. It became a home." They smiled at her quaint expression. "And the Lupos have been turned against us always, but God has protected us from our enemies."

Thank heavens for that. I could never make a living as a scullery maid. It's a dog's life. Elinor and Mary make up our cots and keep things tidy. It is really and truly camping now, and such a relief not to have those Lupos. But there is trouble about the laundry. Nobody in these high places will stoop to wash clothes.

"Much trouble for all." "All I am to say to Phoebe then is that her father is in good hands and she is not to look for him?" The herb-gatherer nodded. "How soon will he be coming back?" She shook her head and seizing her staff, rose to go. "Are you a friend of the Lupos?" There was no answer. Billie tried again. "Did Mrs. Lupo ever go back to her husband?" "Lupo very angry. She not go back."

"Ut agnus inter lupos," softly said Gottfried, looking tenderly, though sadly, at his niece, who not only understood the quotation, but well remembered the carving of the cross-marked lamb going forth from its fold among the howling wolves. "Alas! I am not an apostle," said she.

He likewise gave them a recommendation which would procure them a night's lodging at the Grange, and after the morning's mass and meat, sped them on their way with his blessing, muttering to himself, "That elder one might have been the staff of mine age! Pity on him to be lost in the great and evil City! Yet 'tis a good lad to follow that fiery spark his brother. Tanquam agnus inter lupos. Alack!"

"Eat it over there," she ordered, pointing to a distant tree, "and afterwards you can tell us what is the matter." The others admired her calm assurance with the half-breed, but Billie was tired of the Lupos. The wife had come near being the death of her beloved cousin, and the husband was a lazy, loafing fellow. Such was her judgment of them. "Come, Phoebe. Come, Dr.