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But add to that, to have to buy a brand-new machine for the fella that run over Francie that'd be sorter discouragin'." She paused, and Claire began to pull on her gloves. "By the way," said Martha, "how's things down to the Shermans'? Seems like a hunderd years since I was there. The las' time I laid eyes on Eliza, she was in excellent spirits I seen the bottle.

There's seven prongs on his horns, and I'd bet a horn of powder agin a chargerful that he'd weigh three hunderd pounds as he lies. Lord! what a Christmas gift he'll be fur the woman! The skin will make a blanket fit fur a queen to sleep under, and the meat, jediciously cared fur, will last her all winter.

Didn't you never see nobody wash afore?" And she proceeds with her rubbing. "The house will be tumbling on you in ten minutes!" "You think so? Now I don't, Mr. Frisbie! This 'ere house a'n't gwine to tumble down this mornin', I know. The Lord 'll look out for that, I guess. Look o' these 'ere childern! look o' me! look o' my ole father there, more'n a hunderd year ole!

"The hay's best ever come off my ground, thanks to the manure from Monks Barton; and look at the wurzels! Miller hisself said he've never seed a more promising crop, high or low. An' the things be in prime kelter, tu; an' better than four hunderd pound of uncle's money still left." "Long may it be left, I'm sure.

He leaped down, seized a halter, and advanced with the apparent intention of seizing and binding the colonel. "Are ye goin' to stand here, ye hunderd cowards, an' see the man that gives ye your livin' lugged away to jail?" Gideon shouted, retreating. He glared on their faces. The men turned their backs and moved away. He crouched almost to the floor, brandishing his fists above his head.

He tore into the press of Smyrna fire-fighters, who were massed about Hecla, their faces downcast at announcement of this astonishing squirt. "A hunderd and seventeen northin'! A hunderd and seventeen northin'!" Cap'n Sproul gasped over and over. "I knowed he was in to do us! I see him do it! It wa'n't no hunderd and seventeen! It's a fraud!" "You're a liar!" cried Uncle Trufant, promptly.

"Five hunderd!" shouted Jean, with his broad, cheery grin. "By gar! tha' Jan hee's worth ten hunderd of any man's money for team-leadin'. Yes, sir; an' you can say I said so. I don't care where the nex' come from; tha' Jan, hee's masterpiece."

He was proud of his length of limb, and his hundred and eighty pounds of weight, and yet his slim appearance. "Ye wouldn't believe it now, would ye?" he was wont to say when he stepped off the scales at the store of the hamlet down in the Cove. "It's solid meat an' bone an' muscle, my boy. Keep on the friendly side of one hunderd an' eighty," with a challenging wink.

"Well, I RECKON! There's two hunderd dollars reward on him. It's like picking up money out'n the road." "Yes, it is and I could a had it if I'd been big enough; I see him FIRST. Who nailed him?" "It was an old fellow a stranger and he sold out his chance in him for forty dollars, becuz he's got to go up the river and can't wait. Think o' that, now! You bet I'D wait, if it was seven year."

"It 'ain't been hard for me stayin' round as I've done, an' sewin' for my board; but it's seemed pretty tough to think of Elvin livin' in that little shanty of Caleb's an' doin' for himself. I never could see why he didn't board somewheres decent." "Wants to save his six hunderd dollars, to go out West an' start in the furniture business," said Dilly, succinctly.

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