For two nights the travellers slept in a row on their hay bed; for two long-remembered days the five boys roamed the country round the clearing, starting deer, catching glimpses of a wildcat, a marten or two, and of another coon. Then came, to use Dol's expression, "the beastly nuisance of saying good-by." Dr.

But the man stepped suddenly forward, with a blaze of welcome in his eyes; for he saw the brave effort which the lad was making, and that his strength was giving out. He put a kindly arm through Dol's, as if to warmly greet a fellow-camper, but really to support him. "I'll not tell you about anything until you've had a good, square meal," he said.

She had me hypnotized," and Judith paused to make sure of the dramatic impression. "I can see her glare!" declared Jane. "Dol's eyes were made for nobler tasks than matching hair shades." "And mixing flesh tints," contributed Dozia, who just then managed to purloin a sample of the fudge.

Several times during the night Neal found it necessary to obey this injunction, else had there been no peace in the camp. But, in spite of Dol's ravings and riotings in his excited dreams, the party enjoyed a needed ten hours' slumber, all save Herb, who, as usual, was astir the next morning while his comrades were yet snoring.

Knitted caps, usually worn when sleeping, adorned their heads. "You see, we followed Dol's example and your advice, Uncle Eb," said Cyrus, as they seated themselves by the camp-fire. "And I tell you these make tip-top dressing-gowns when you're feeling a little bit chilly after a drenching.

Now, I saw the cause of Dol's disquietude. Her shop is closed, shut up tight, barred windows and a cute little white sign tacked right under the former artistic door. The sign reads 'To Let' and it is easy to imagine the crepe hanging from the knocker." "She told me she lost a lot by the arrest of Madam Z, and do you know, Bobbie, that woman was a real lunatic?" "Of course I know it.

"Ketch him, Tiger, ketch him!" "Good-by, you lucky fellows!" said Royal Sinclair huskily, as he gripped Neal's hand, then Dol's, in a brotherly squeeze when the hour of parting came. "I wish I was going on with you. We've had a stunning good time together, haven't we? And we'll run across each other in these woods some time or other again, I know!

Ere long Neal was beside his brother, looking at him with eyes which showed the same tendency to leak that Dol's had done a while ago, and battling with a desire to squeeze the wanderer in a breathless hug. He relieved his feelings instead by "blowing up" Dol with withering fire and a rough choke in his voice.

A spark of fun kindled in Dol's eyes when he heard himself described as "a hungry bird." It brightened into an appreciative beam as the reviving tea trickled down his throat. "Eatin's wot he wants, I guess," said Joe, the camp guide and cook, placing some meat and a slab of bread of his own baking on a tin plate for the guest.

"Oh, but this is jolly!" cried Neal again, his voice so thickened by the joy of welcome that embryo cavalry man though he was he could bring out nothing more forceful than the one boyish exclamation. Dol's throat was freer. Sinclair and he raised a regular tornado in the handsome hall.