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I must say she 's pretty good to have six o' 'em all to once." Mrs. Lathrop twisted wearily. "C'n you feel your leg?" her friend asked anxiously. "Yes, I c'n feel " "Mrs. Macy was up this afternoon. She says she 's more 'n' more worried over you. She says it is n't as she don't wish young Dr.

It's close on twelve o'clock, and he's to be called when it reaches twenty-eight feet. I said the boy could never run the division without help from every man on it, and that's what I'm giving him, and I don't care who knows it," said Bill Dancing, raising his voice not too much. "Bucks says that any man that c'n run this division c'n run any railroad on earth.

He started walking up and down the room, muttering. At last he stopped short. "Boys, it can be done! They's nothin' like talkin' of a woman to make a man turn himself into a plumb fool, an' I'm goin' to make a fool out of Whistlin' Dan with this girl Kate!" "But how in the name of God c'n you make her go out an' talk to him?" said Rhinehart.

Ed Higgins and 'Rast Little observed with sinking hearts that it was Mr. Reddon whom she led forward by the hand, and they cursed him inwardly for the look he gave her because she blushed beneath it. "You don't live in Boggs City," remarked Mr. Crow, appointing himself spokesman. "I c'n deduce that, 'cause you're carrying satchels an' valises." "Mr.

"But c'n you keep the books?" She sniffed. "I certainly can. I haven't been a waitress all my life. These books are nothing." Here the gigantic Hiram caught his lower lip sagging and resolutely lifted it to dignity. "Well, I like your style," Tweet was telling her. "Tell 'em about it, every time that's the way to get a toehold.

"I c'n do better now," the boy said quietly, "an' I've been tryin' jes' as hard as though Teacheh was in yonder schoolhouse. But thar's no one to write 'Very Good' on 'em any mo', an' I reckon thar an't goin' to be. But I'm trustin' that you'll fin' him an' you'll tell him that he an't fo'gotten." Without a word of farewell, the boy struck into the woods and was lost to sight.

Bixbee, "the' can't be no blessin' on money that's made in that way, an' you'd be better off without it." "I dunno," remarked her brother, "but Deakin Perkins might ask a blessin' on a hoss trade, but I never heard of it's bein' done, an' I don't know jest how the deakin 'd put it; it'd be two fer the deakin an' one fer the other feller, though, somehow, you c'n bet." "Humph!" she ejaculated.

As they rose to go, the young man looked at his fingers, soiled from the coal-dust on the covers. "There's a bath-room on this floor; we c'n wash our hands there," said Mr.

Ye gotta taste olives to see if ye c'n stummick 'em. Ye'll get an awful batterin'-up, I reckon, but ye'll likely learn if they's anything in ye. At first ye'll probably go to th' bad an' get a heap worse ern ye was in Bear Valley. That's neither here ner there. Th' point is, if they's a gait in ye ye'll eventually strike it. If not well, then, what's th' difference?

At sight of these he turned sharply round. "Show me the soles of your boots, Sheriff," he asked; "both of 'em? Ah," he added, on seeing them, "you've got horseshoe heels an' toecaps, too; but only one row of hob-nails. I'm lookin' for the marks of boots with two rows, an' with a nail missin' from the inside row of the left boot. You'd best not walk about more'n you c'n help."

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