In a moment the cavern presented a scene singularly tragic-comic; the whole party was one busy mass of battle, with the exception of Ted and Batt, and the wife of the latter, who, having first hastily put aside everything that might be injured, stood enjoying the conflict with most ferocious glee, the schoolmaster having already withdrawn himself to his chair.

And standing still, the tempestuous creature drew herself to her full height, her arms rigid by her side a tragic-comic figure in the dim illumination of the two guttering candles. Mrs. Friend attempted a diversion. "Who else is coming for the week-end?" Instantly Helena's mood dissolved in laughter. She came to perch herself on the arm of Mrs. Friend's chair.

Poor Malicorne, the victim of love!" She stopped on viewing the tragic-comic face of Raoul, who was vexed at having, in one day, surprised so many secrets. "Oh, mademoiselle!" said he; "how can we repay your kindness?" "Oh, we will balance accounts some day," said she.

The strength of this tyrannical power within the State, and the force of the superstition, may be measured by the fact that people who are prevented from restoring their knightly honor by the superior or inferior rank of their aggressor, or anything else that puts the persons on a different level, often come to a tragic-comic end by committing suicide in sheer despair.

I spent two hours in this tragic-comic position, until at last Le Duc rode up and told me that a band of peasants, all armed and provided with lanterns, were approaching to our assistance. In less than an hour, the carriage, the horses, and Alfani were seen to. I kept two of the country-folk to serve as postillions, and I sent the others away well paid for the interruption of their sleep.

The architect went into a tragic-comic rage, bit his cigar through several times, ground his teeth, drank several glasses of cold water, talked of the blood of Cola di Rienzo, vowed vengeance on Del Ferice and finally submitted. The signing of the new contract determined the course of Orsino's life for another year.

Thus spake Petrea Frank, whilst, with dignified gestures, she took a tragic-comic farewell of the home which she and her family were now about to leave. It was a rainy day, in the middle of April.

Then, when she seemed to have recovered herself, he gave her a tragic-comic account of the three weeks' engagement, and the manner in which it had been broken off: caustic enough, one might have thought, to satisfy the most unfriendly listener. Daphne heard it all quietly. Then her maid came, and she donned a tea-gown. When Roger returned, after dressing, he found her still abstracted.

Steele looked about; they two, as far as he could see, were alone. He regarded the man again; it was very strange, as if a circular stage, the buskined world's tragic-comic wheel of fortune, had turned, and a person whom he had seen in one character had reappeared in another. "I ask your pardon." The fellow found his voice. "I'll not be troubling you further, Mr. Steele."

There came also a Mr and Mrs Fuzzybell, and immediately afterwards Mr Maguire, whereupon Miss Todd declared her party to be complete. "Mrs Fuzzybell, my dear, no cards!" said Miss Todd, quite out loud, with a tragic-comic expression in her face that was irresistible. "Mr Fuzzybell, no cards!" Mrs Fuzzybell said that she was delighted to hear it. Mr Fuzzybell said that it did not signify.