I 'splained to you how I lost my hat," reproached the Kid, clinging fast to the Little Doctor's hand. "Yes and you 'splained that you'd have gone into that deep hole and drowned with nobody there to pull you out if you hadn't been scared of a water snake," Chip pointed out relentlessly. "I wasn't 'zactly scared," amended the Kid gravely.

"I hain't told nothing about ye," retorted Tip stolidly. He took me up inter yer father's office, an' asked me whether I'd let him explore my clothes, or whether I'd rather have a policeman called in. He 'splained that, if he had to call the poor man's cop, I'd have to be arrested for fair. So I let him go through my clothes.

"'Sam is ready, ma'am, me says, 'It may be dat de Lord neber intends me see my Sally again, but if I can be de means ob helping to get oder men to join deir wives I shall be content. "'Very well, she said. 'Come into my house now and we will talk about it. "Den she 'splained the whole business to me.

But I s'pose the skinny ones was so hungry that the fat ones hadn't a chance wid 'em. However, it don't matter. What I was goin' to say was that a good man, called Joseph, went to Fair-ho an' 'splained all his dream to him. Now, if Joseph could do dat, why shouldn't Waroonga 'splain my dream to me?" "Because I's not Joseph, Ebony, an you're not Pharoah," returned Waroonga promptly.

"Oh, it's just a way we've got," returned Flaggan, resuming his gravity; "the English have a knack o' larfin', off and on, w'en they shouldn't ought to. Git along with your yarn." "Well, that wos the finish. I became a Breetish tar, an' fouted in all the battils of the navy. I 'spected to get promotion an' prize-money, but nivir git none, 'cause of circumstances as wos never 'splained to me.

And Santa Claus don't all time say, Shet your eyes and open your mouth, like Doctor Sanford, 'and poke out your tongue." "I like Doctor Sanford the best," said Florence, "'cause he 's my uncle, and God and Santa Claus ain't kin to me." "And the Bible say, 'Love your kin-folks, Miss Cecilia 'splained "

As he sat beside his solitary hearth there was a fumbling outside the door. He opened to admit old Ailsie, now crippled with rheumatic pains. "I know'd dat was you. Marse Doctor, 'n I follered yer, I want to tell yer: Mistress 'splained all 'bout dat 'fore she died. Dey wan't nothin' wrong. Her an' her ma was 'feared to let old Master know she hed run 'way an' married Marse Henry.

"Why?" I found myself asking. "Because I got it here; and it is against the law of this town to take anything from this beach, except shells. Did you know that? I didn't; my father just 'splained it to me." American fathers and mothers explain so many things to their children! And American children explain quite as great a number of things to their parents.

The chile is gone!" "Gone!" echoed Mrs. Starbottle. There was something in the tone of her voice, in the sudden drawing-together of the pupils of her eyes, that for a moment nearly sobered the colonel, and partly collapsed his chest. "I'll splain all in a minit," he said with a deprecating wave of the hand. "Everything shall be splained.

Sikes he 'splained all 'bout 'em ter Massa Shrunk, an' Ah heerd whut he sed. Ah wus a waitin' on 'em. Seems like, dey hed run off frum de Beaucaire plantation, sumwhar down ribber on de Missouri side, 'cause ol' Beaucaire hed died, an' dey wus goin' fer ter be sold down soufe. De free nigger he wus helpin' fer ter git 'em away in his boat.