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I know I can't; but I can try all my life to prove what " "S-s-h-h! s-s-h!... There!" with a great sigh, almost a sob, of relief, "I guess this'll be a real Thanksgivin', after all." But, a few minutes later, another thought came to him. "Caroline," he asked, "I wonder if, now that things are as they are, you couldn't do somethin' else somethin' that would please me an awful lot?"

Why, she's interested in me romantic past, of course. Ain't I the 'cute little gopher when it comes to the ladies? Fan me, Collie, and slow music and a beer for one. I'm some lady's-man, sister!" "You're a bo, the same as me," said the boy. "S-s-h-h! For the love of Pete, don't you handle that word 'bo' so careless. It's loaded.

Do you understand who I am? I have some influence and reputation, and it is dangerous to to try to frighten me. Proofs are required in law, and " "S-s-h-h! You know I've got the proofs. They were easy enough to get, once I happened on the track of 'em. Lord sakes, Heman, I ain't a fool! What's the use of your pretendin' to be one? There's the deed out in 'Frisco, with yours and John's name on it.

When he saw who the visitors were, he caught his breath, almost with a sob, and seemed relieved. "S-s-h-h!" he whispered warningly. "She's asleep." The members of the Board of Strategy nodded understandingly and sat down upon the sofa. Captain Cy tiptoed to the bedroom, turned back the bedclothes with one hand and laid Bos'n down. They saw him tuck her carefully in and then stoop and kiss her.

"Heman," he began when the spasm was over, "I asked you to come here to-night for well, blessed if I know exactly. It didn't make much difference to me whether you came or not." "Then, sir, I must say that, of all the impudent " "S-s-h-h! for the land sakes! Speechmakin' must be as bad as the rum habit, when a feller's got it chronic as you have.

"Yes, you was raised in the West, and what you got to show for it?" "Well, hear the kid!" exclaimed Overland. "Out of the mouth of babes and saplings! What have I got to show? What have I ! Wha ? Oh, you go chase a snake! I know a good hoss and a good woman when I see 'em, and I seen both together this morning." "But what do she want with us bos?" asked the boy. "S-s-h-h!

The woman was a little astern of her man, and in the hall she turns brisk to me. "'Mr. Wingate, she whispers, 'Mr. Wingate. "I stared at her. Her voice had sounded sort of familiar ever sence I heard it, but the veil kept a body from seein' what she looked like. "'Hey? I sings out. 'Have I ever "'S-s-h-h! she whispers. 'Say, Mr. Wingate, that that Susannah thing is here, ain't she?

Where was the wreck? Who sewed up your eye?" "S-s-h-h, fellas," said Miguel, grinning. "If you make all that noise, how you going to hear the tune he is whistling, hey?" Collie glanced at Saunders, who had said nothing. "Got anything to offer on the subject, Silent?" he asked. "Nope. I take mine out in thinkin'."