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So the king finished his dinner and departed; and, for many a long year, the childish quarrel between Prince Charles and Noll Cromwell was forgotten. The prince, indeed, might have lived a happier life, and have met a more peaceful death, had he remembered that quarrel, and the moral which his father drew from it.

If Noll had sent him a farewell, a last message, oh, what would he not give to hear it? But, if that were really the case, it had died with those to whom it was intrusted. The sea would never whisper it, the dead could not. He went back to his lonely pacing. Another long, long hour passed. The bit of wreck that was jammed between the rocks went to pieces and came ashore.

But if Captain Freeman allows me to lead the expedition through that gully, you are to be on hand to silence that sentry at the first sound of our coming." "I think I can do that," Sergeant Terry replied thoughtfully. "I'll either win out or give up my life without a murmur." "Noll, if you prefer it, you can try to reach camp, and I'll stay by that first sentry inside the gully."

Noll cried, taking hope. Trafford laid his hand on his nephew's fair, curly hair, stroking it gently as he had once before done on the boy's arrival. "You need not ask that, Noll," he said. "Go where you will, I can trust you." "But I'll not go to Wind Cliff?" said Noll, "and I wish you don't know how much, Uncle Richard! that I could take back those words." "There is no need," said his uncle.

"My stars!" exclaimed Ned, "what're you thinking of? Do you really mean that that you're going to repair their huts for them?" "Yes, that is what I wish to do, and what I've been planning for," said Noll, peering through the dusk to see how Ned received the project; "and do you think I'll succeed? do you think it is possible?"

Why, in half an hour they might split her spars as small as jack-straws!" "Which they won't, I think; because, if they know who she is, they know her cargo's safe where Noll himself can't get at it, unless he drags the cellars and the stomachs too, by this time of half his prayer-loving subjects along the Kent and Essex coast."

She felt her husband's eyes rest on her just for a moment, knew that he had turned, heard him murmur: "Ah, the angel clown!" And, quite still, she waited for the door to open. There was the boy, with his blessed dark head, and his shy, gentle gravity, and his essay in his hand. "Well, Lennan, and how's old Noll? Hypocrite of genius, eh? Draw up; let's get him over!"

Jes' come in my ole kitchen and see what I's put up fur ye to carry to dem yer mis'able folks." Noll got his overcoat and cap, and followed the old housekeeper into her cozy and comfortable dominion. "Look at dis yer," said Hagar, taking a basket off the table; "jes' as chock full as nuffin ye ken think ob. Dis yer is brof, chicken-brof, an' dat yer bundle is crackers.

"And you, Sir James?" "Frankly, it is a name which to me has ceased to be a symbol. A good fellow can call himself 'Oliver' without setting my teeth on edge. I had a grand foxhound once, and called him 'Noll, just because he was grand. My dear old father consulted a London doctor as to the state of my mind. It made him anxious, you see!

"A health to King Charles!" said the old knight, handing the massive tankard to his daughter; "drink it, my love, though it be rebel ale which they have left us. I will pledge thee; for the toast will excuse the liquor, had Noll himself brewed it." The young lady touched the goblet with her lip, and returned it to her father, who took a copious draught.