It wad hae cleared aff a guid sheave o' yer mither's debts." Alec answered cheerily, although his face flushed, "All in good time, I hope, Mr Bruce. I'm obliged to you for your forbearance, though." He was too solemn-glad to be angry. "It canna laist for ever, ye ken," rejoined Bruce, happy to be able to bite, although his poison-bag was gone. Alec made no reply.

"In course it would, at laist I suppose so; but Martin," and she smiled faintly as she looked up into his face, "I want the two dear, dear girls, and I want yourself to have some little thing to remember me by; and your dear kind mother, she doesn't want money, but if I ask her to take a few of the silver things in the house, I'm sure she'll keep them for my sake. Oh, Martin!

"It took me," said Jamie Soutar to Milton afterwards, "the feck o' ten meenuts tae howk him 'an' Jess oot ae snawy nicht when Drums turned bad sudden, and if he didna try to excuse himself for no hearing me at aince wi' some story aboot juist comin' in frae Glen Urtach, and no bein' in his bed for the laist twa nichts.

"She lookit at me, and a' lookit at her, an' naething passed; but that wes the laist time a' saw her at the manse. A 've hed experience, and a 'm no feared tae tak' chairge o' yir nephew."

There's a knock that canna be mista'en, an' a' heard it last night. A've focht deith for ither fouk mair than forty year, but ma ain time hes come at laist. "A've nae tribble worth mentionin' a bit titch o' bronchitis an' a've hed a graund constitution; but a'm fair worn oot, Paitrick; that's ma complaint, an' its past curin'."

I must first go into Lisnagola to get change for a note." "Thank you, sir," replied the Cannie, "but it is time enough I am in no hurry at all not the laist; it will do when I call again.. And now that that's settled and many thanks to you, ma'am," he added, bowing to Mrs. Temple, "for thinkin' of it, I'd be glad to have a word or two wid you, sir, if you plaise." "Certainly," said Mr.

"An' the laist petition, a' likit it fine, 'Be pleased to put common sense in their heads, and Thy fear in their hearts, and " "'Give them grace to be honest men all the days of their life," chant the other two together. "It wes a purpose-like prayer, an' a' never heard a better, lads; he walkit up to his words, did Bulldog, an' he did his wark well."

Drumtochty was not observant in the matter of health, but they had grown sensitive about Dr. MacLure, and remarked in the kirkyard all summer that he was failing. "He wes aye spare," said Hillocks, "an' he's been sair twisted for the laist twenty year, but a' never mind him booed till the year. "The Glen wudna dae weel withoot Weelum MacLure, an' he's no as young as he wes.

They were not sorry to have the opportunity at last, for they had suffered not a little at the hands of Kilbogie in past years, and the coming event disturbed the flow of business at Muirtown market. "Ye 're tae hae the Doctor at laist," Mains said to Netherton letting the luck-penny on a transaction in seed-corn stand over "an' a 'm jidgin' the time 's no been lost.

"Prothestants be d ," said Jerry, who by no means shared in Richard's good gifts as to temper. "Well, I wouldn't say that; at laist, not of all of 'em." "The likes of them's used to it," said Jerry. And then Richard, not waiting to do further battle on behalf of his Protestant friends, trotted out of the yard.