"Jacques and I shot at him together, so that our pistols sounded just as if only one had been fired bang! that way and he leaped sideways for all the world like a bird with a broken leg. I thought he'd fall; but ve! he ran faster'n ever, and all at once he was gone; just disappeared." "Well, to-morrow we'll get him," said another.

The blamed little porcupine offered 'em two bits more than we're payin' an' grabbed every one of 'em. The Old Man has wired Denver for a hundred more muckers. Swinnerton can't keep takin' men on all year. He's got more now than he knows what to do with. I guess this gang 'll come on through. As soon as they come, Tommy, I'll have that big dam growin' faster'n you ever saw a dam grow before."

Say, Perez, won't ye?" "It'll do him a sight o' good, Perez, if ye will. I never see a feller set sech store by trees and mountings as George does. They're jess like medicine to him, an he's fell off faster'n ever since I hain't been able to boost him up."

He has never been baptized. If he died now, he wouldn't go to Heaven!" "Aw! shut up. He air a-goin' in faster'n any of them. Don't you worry yer head over that. God ain't that kind of a bloke that He wouldn't take in a sick brat what ain't never done no harm." Tess had risen, and was standing over the child, Teola having placed him back in the bed. "But you don't understand, Tess dear!

"And I say to them pious charity fakers, 'Git the hell out of here where you can't do no good. Git back to yer own class that makes all this misery, makes it faster'n all the religion and charity in the world could help it. Git back to yer own class and work with them, and teach them and make them stop robbin' and beatin' the baby." "Yes," said the girl, "you are right. I see it now. But, Mr.

"In fact, Abbie's of the mind that we get things out of order faster'n we put 'em in." Janoah Eldridge rubbed his grimy hands and chuckled, but Willie deigned no reply. "This propeller now," he presently began as if there had been no digression from the topic, "I s'pose the kelp gets tangled around the blades." "That's it," assented Zenas Henry. "An' that holds up your engine."

"You shall come into the village every day, Abner, an' you won't bother us at all, for you shall go 'long of me everywhere I do, an' I won't never walk any faster'n you can;" and Toby moved his seat nearer Abner, to show that he took him under his especial care.

"I claps on the brake, but she's so heavy she don't pay no 'tention to it, though I makes smoke 'long them planks, I tell yer. She scoots ahead faster'n ever, an' bows to the scenery, this way an' that, like she was crazy, an' a-hummin' harder than ever. "'Slow her down! Ease her down! hollers Jud, grittin' his teeth an' holdin' onto her with all his hundred an' eighty pounds weight.

"Seems to me an afternoon never flew so fast!" "When I'm busy workin' I finds the time does go wonderful fast," agreed Toby. "Havin' you along it went a wonderful lot faster'n when I'm alone, too. 'Tis fine to have you here, Charley!" "I'm having a great time, too! It's a peck of fun getting off here in the woods away from everything, and setting snares." "Aye, 'tis that."

"Why Chicago is further'n Buf'lo an' that's faster'n a train." "Yes," drawled the old man; "he passed the Empire Express th' other side Syr'cuse." "Get out." "What do you take us fer?" "Wall, when you cum in, I took you fer fellers who knowed the diff'rence betwixt whiskey and benzine, but I see my mistake.