And in return for all this kindness, what do Messrs. Boult and-so-forth want? Why, almost nothing. "The ridiculously small sum," as Mr. Montague Tigg observed to Mr. Pecksniff, of $10. You observe that Hammett & Co., in one circular, demand $20, for the same $5,000 prize. But the amount, they would say, is too trifling to be so particular about!

The pyschology must be correct, for it is incoherent. Mrs. Budlong herself was never known to break any of the commandments, but in her back parlor her neighbors made flitters of the one against coveting thy neighbor's and-so-forth and so-on. It was when Mr. and Mrs. County Road Supervisor Detwiller were walking home from one of these occasions, that Mr.

"But you wouldn't expect to take Christopher Columbus And-so-forth to Alaska with us; would you?" asked Andy Suggs. "Why not?" demanded the darkey. "He flowed to de moon in de perjectilator; didn't he? Huh! In co'se if de perfessor goes after disher chrysomela-bypunktater, I gotter go, too; and in co'se if I go, Buttsy done gotter go. Dat's as plain as de nose on yo' face, Andy."

He does not propose to be left behind," and the young fellow chuckled. "And where is Washington White?" "He's done yere," answered the darkey for himself, and he appeared bearing the traveling coop of Christopher Columbus And-so-forth in his arms. "Here, Wash!" ejaculated Jack. "Surely you are not going to clutter up the flying machine with that thing?" "An' why fo' not?" sputtered the darkey.

Belave me, Ned, it's much comfortabler to be merely a' And-so-forth thin it is to be an' Etcetera. An' I've loved ye so, Ned! Ye're the noblest nobleman I ivver knew or ivver expict to know." Franklin sat gazing at him without speech, and presently Battersleigh went on. "It's a bit of a story, lad," said he kindly.

Cranes, storks and herons always eat frogs, mice and-so-forth. I never ate any and-so-forth, but I imagine it must be very nice. At any rate, I'm going to eat you!" and he snapped his bill like three knives being sharpened.

"There are other scenarios to write." "Tom!" she whispered sharply, "I want to tell you something about that." "About what?" "My scenario." "You don't mean " "I mean I know what has become of it." "Never!" gasped Tom. "Are you are you " "I am not 'non compos, and-so-forth," laughed Ruth. "Oh, there is nothing foolish about this, Tom. Let me tell you."

"If you really understood the play and the significance of your part, you would not say such a thing. And do, do be less like a wooden image." "Humph! I guess I know my part, Jess Morse," snapped Hester. "It doesn't matter at all what I do on the stage." "What did I tell you?" groaned Bobby. "'Double! Double! and-so-forth. There is trouble brewing.

That was the day when mother forgot that Q stands for Quagga, and permitted Buddy to call it P, just for fun, because it looked so much like P. And when he said "W is water ", mother made a funny sound and said right out loud, "Oh God, please!" and told Buddy to creep back and play with Sister when Sister was asleep, and there were still x, y and z to say, let alone that mysterious And-so-forth which seemed to mean so much and so little and never was called upon to help spell a word.

"And how do you prove it by Christopher Columbus And-so-forth?" demanded the chums, in chorus. "Why," said Wash, rolling his eyes, "I done tooked dat rooster wid me in all ma trabels; didn't I?" "You most certainly did," admitted Mark. "And a big nuisance he was," added Jack. Wash loftily overlooked this remark. He said, confidently: "And I brought Buttsy back ergin; didn't I?" "You did.