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"He gave me a look and almost began to cry 'Arra now, your reverence, he replied, 'how could you expict me to have the heart to refuse a few sods to the great number of poor creatures that axed me for them, to boil their pratees, as I came along? I hope, your reverence, I am not so hard-hearted as all that comes to."

"Our blessing go wid ye," said Mickey, rising to his feet, and waving his hand toward the alarmed Apache; "we don't want to harm ye, and ye may go in pace. There, Soot," he added, as he came up beside him, "we showed that spalpeen marcy whin he scarcely had the right to expict it, and he will appreciate the same." "Ye're right," grunted the scout.

Carver's favour and purtection, or I'd sooner ha' cut my tongue out clane and I expict your honour won't turn your hack on me quite, for this is the first lies I ever was found out in since my creation; and how could I help, when it was by my master's particular desire? Mr. Carv. Your master! honest Gerald O'Blaney! Catty. O'Blaney! save us! Mr. Carv. Take care, Pat Coxe. Pat. Mr.

"'Tis a sinful exthravagance! a temptin' av Providence!" he exclaimed. "Plates! an' faaks! an' dishes! an' sacers! did ivver anny wan see the loike? F'what do ye expict nixt? Kid gloves to work in, maybe! That ivver I'd see the day whan sich degrading emblems av the ould superstitions of sassiety was brought into the bush! Ough!" So much and more the O'Gaygun.

Faith, sir, you may be as bluff as you please; but, when the Captain is a little cool, I shall expict to receive a bit of a message from him; or may I never look on the bald pate of the blessed Peter but he shall receive a bit of a message from me. And so once more, gintlemen, good morning.

Belave me, Ned, it's much comfortabler to be merely a' And-so-forth thin it is to be an' Etcetera. An' I've loved ye so, Ned! Ye're the noblest nobleman I ivver knew or ivver expict to know." Franklin sat gazing at him without speech, and presently Battersleigh went on. "It's a bit of a story, lad," said he kindly.

Melons take up a sight of wagon room, nothing said of the time it will take to sell them. And then you expict me to do it all for nothing!" "I I hadn't thought about that," faltered Peace; and, sitting down on the windmill platform, she pulled a pencil stub from her pocket and began to do some figuring on the sole of her shoe.

"Ye can't tell annything about it. Give th' poor man a chance, says I. There may be th' makins iv a dacint citizen in him afther all. What opporchunity has he had, tell me? What can ye expict fr'm a man that niver was taught annything betther thin that he cud do annything he wanted to do without bein' called down f'r it?

The good-natured Irishwoman pushed King in a small cupboard, and stood with her back against the door. "What'll ye have, Miss Marjorie?" she said, as Midget rushed in half a minute later. "Where's King?" asked Marjorie, breathless and panting. "Masther King, is it? I expict he's sthudyin' his schoolbooks like the little gintleman he is.

Take soft readin'. How d'ye expict to get on in th' wurruld th' way ye are goin'? Who wud make a confirmed reader th' cashier iv a bank? Ye'd divide ye'er customers into villyans an' heroes an' ye wudden't lend money to th' villyans. An' thin ye'd be wrong aven if ye were right. F'r th' villyans wud be more apt to have th' money to bring back thin th' heroes, says I. 'Ye may be right, says he.