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Got out steam mills, circular saws, lathes, etcetera, and established a system of general education with a younger brother as head-master an' tail-master too, for I believe there was only one. He also taught the men to work in brass, iron, and wood, and his wife a Cocos girl that he married after comin' out taught all the women and girls to sew, cook, and manage the house.

A few seconds later the last of the scarlet vans drove off; and about forty tons of letters, etcetera, were flying from the great centre to the circumference of the kingdom. Phil still sat pressing the aching fingers to the aching head and eyes, when he was roused by a touch on the shoulder. It was Peter Pax, who had also, by that time, worked his way upwards in the service.

I said before that the sailors were employed in the hard duty of getting the guns, etcetera, on shore, and up to where the batteries were to be erected in short, working like slaves in the heat of the sun, while the troops remained quiet investing the fort.

The result was not absolutely exhilarating. My uncle evidently was not ambitious on my account. "Sharp lad wanted to look after a shop." That was the first I caught sight of. And the next was equally promising. Must be clean, well-behaved, and make himself useful in house. Attend to boots, coals, windows, etcetera. Good character indispensable."

Belave me, Ned, it's much comfortabler to be merely a' And-so-forth thin it is to be an' Etcetera. An' I've loved ye so, Ned! Ye're the noblest nobleman I ivver knew or ivver expict to know." Franklin sat gazing at him without speech, and presently Battersleigh went on. "It's a bit of a story, lad," said he kindly.

According to the regulations on board of East India ships, Forster messed below with the junior mates, midshipmen, surgeon's assistant, etcetera; the first and second mates only having the privilege of constantly appearing at the captain's table; while the others receive but an occasional invitation. Forster soon became on intimate terms with his shipmates.

Juno put up a large supply for one day ground coffee, eggs, biscuit, cold mutton, a cold turkey, and several currant and apple pies, besides butter, salt, etcetera and Clump conveyed it down to the Youth for us on a wheelbarrow. The provisions were carefully stowed in the forepeak, and everything being arranged, we appointed Ugly to act as a guard over our craft during the night.

They are known under different appellations, as Makis, Indris, Loris, Galagos, Tarsiers, Ay-ays, etcetera, and naturalists have subdivided them into a great number of genera. They are found both in Africa and Asia; but by far the greater number of them, as the Makis and Ay-ays, belong to the Island of Madagascar.

Botallack, like all the other mines, has several "shafts" or entrances to the works below, such as Boscawen Shaft, Wheal Button, Wheal Hazard, Chicornish Shaft, Davis Shaft, Wheal Cock, etcetera, the most interesting of which are situated among the steep rugged cliffs that front and bid defiance to the utmost fury of the Atlantic Ocean.

You see, I regard the Bible as my class-book, my book o' logarithms, chart compass, rudder, etcetera, all rolled into one. Now, I don't mind tellin' you a secret. When I first went to sea I was a very wild harum-scarum young fellow, an' havin' some sort of influence over my mates, I did 'em a deal of damage and led 'em astray.

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