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She bent and kissed Robin on the top of his head just in the middle, choosing the place, and into his hair she breathed a repetition of the last words, "May no sorrow be thine." And Dion was going to the war. Robin slipped from his mother's arm gently and came to his father. "'Allo, Fa!" he observed confidentially. Dion bent down. "Hallo, Robin!" He picked the little chap up and gave him a kiss.

And here was Flounce, ready to misbehave once more. Before he could catch her, the small white body of the terrier whipped by him, and past the steersman. This time, however, as though cowed, she began to whimper, and then maintained a long, trembling whine. Beside Rudolph, the compradore's head bobbed up. "Allo same she mastah come."

So I 'appened to be down near the 'Ome one day three weeks past, an' I see Lumpy a-goin' in. `'Allo! says I. `'Allo! says 'e; an' then 'e told me all about it. `Does they feed you well? I axed. `Oh! don't they, just! said 'e. `There's to be a blow hout this wery night, said 'e. `I wonder, says I, `if they'd let me in, for I'm uncommon 'ungry, I tell you; 'ad nuffin' to heat since last night. Just as I said that, a lot o' fellers like me came tumblin' up to the door so I sneaked in wi' the rest for I thought they'd kick me hout if they knowed I'd come without inwitation."

The floods of the affluents of the Tiber form an exception to this law, being generally coincident, and this is one of the explanations of the frequency of destructive inundations in that river. Lombardini, Guida allo Studio dell' Idrologia, ff. 68; same author, Esame degli studi sul Tevere.

"Then sit right down," Lucia said, "There's plenty far more than the last time you were here!" And they all laughed. He came into the room, while Pedro took care of the horses. "Hallo, Oncle Hennery," he greeted the old man in the wheel chair. "You look splendid! And 'allo, 'Red, zat's what zey call you yes?"

The eminent Italian engineer Lombardini published in 1870, under the title of Guida allo studio dell' idrologia fluviale e dell' Idraulica practica, which serves both as a summary of the recent progress of that science and as an index to the literature of the subject. But in any event, these theoretical objections are counsels apres coup.

Rolling ridges stretch northward, wave upon wave, clothed with grass and heather, amongst which Parnesius and Pertinax went hunting with little Allo the Pict; to the northeast the heights of Simonside showed; and far beyond them, though more to the westward, the rounded summits of the Cheviots lay on the horizon.

Sounds of singing came from within. A Chinaman opened the door to his knock. Smith asked if the master was at home. "Massa inside allo lightee," answered the man. "Me go fetchee, chop-chop." He soon returned, followed by a stalwart bearded Australian of about fifty years, smoking a big pipe. "Well, mate," he said, eyeing Smith curiously by the light of the door lamp; "what can I do for you?"

It was indeed a bungle of a camp but if the single occupant realized it he did not seem to care a whit for he sat serenely in the doorway of the tent so interested in a book that he did not hear Paul Nez and his young companions approaching. "'Allo, you get heem broke foot, mebby?" said Paul with a grin as he moved toward the tent. The camper looked up with a start, and then smiled.

Encouraged by this appreciative reception of his story, Mr. Butt started it again, right from the beginning. "I was on my beat, sir, and I thought I heard a disturbance. I says to myself, ''Allo, I says, 'a frakkus. Lots of them all gathered together, and fighting. I says, beginning to suspect something, 'Wot's this all about, I wonder? I says.