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"I suppose you live around this section, then, Obed?" he remarked, as he cleaned out the frying-pan that had contained the ham and eggs the latter having been carried all the way from the last small village they passed through, and which supply would doubtless be the last they might enjoy for a long time to come. "Oh! yes, thar's a plenty of Grimeses up this way," the other replied, promptly.

If thar's a preacher yere he'd do it, but bein' thar's no sech brand on this range I makes it as a forced play myse'f. "So he reads us, a chapter about the sepulcher, an' Mary Magdalene, an' the resurrection; an' everybody takes it in profound as prairie- dogs, for that's the lead to make, an' we knows it. "Then Peets allows he'd like to hear from any gent onder the head of 'good of the order.

Thar's some that s'picions I know whar ye air now, 'n' they'll be spyin', 'n' mebbe hit'll git me into trouble, too, aidin' 'n' abettin' a man to git away who air boun' to the law." The two were sitting on the earthen floor of the cave before a little fire, and Rome, with his hands about his knees and his brows knitted, was staring into the yellow blaze.

"Why, none on 'arth that I know of," said Bruce; "you've as cl'ar and broad a trace before you as man and beast could make a buffalo-street, through the canes; and, when thar's open woods, blazes as thick as stars, and horse-tracks still thicker: thar war more than a thousand settlers have travelled it this year already. As for danngers, Captain, why I reckon thar's none to think on.

But ez he war crossin' the foot-bredge some o' the pursuin' party war fordin' the ruver over thar, an' thinkin' he'd make out ter escape they fired on him, jes' ez the feller tried ter surrender. He turned this way an' flung up both arms but thar's mighty leetle truce in a pistol-ball. That minute it tuk him right through the brain. Seems toler'ble long range fur a pistol, don't it?

"I dropped a pocketbook containing government bonds and some other securities, with between fifty and sixty thousand dollars," responded Peter Drummond, carelessly; "but no matter, if any man will return a few autograph letters from foreign potentates that happened to be in it, of no value to anybody but the owner, he can keep the money. Thar's nothin' mean about me," he concluded, languidly.

I've been disgraced at the head of my troop an' I'll take no sech record home." ""You oughter not talk that a-way, Ed," I'd say, tryin' to get his sensibilities smoothed down. "If you don't care none for yourse'f or for your footure, you-all should remember thar's something comin' to the loved ones at home. Moreover, it's weak sayin' you-all ain't goin' back to Texas.

'I'm a law-abidin' citizen, an' all I wants is a squar' deal from the warm deck. "So they fines Dave fifty dollars for playin' them harmonies without no license. Dave asks me later not to mention this yere outcome in Wolfville, an' I never does. But yere it's different." The Feud of Pickles. "Thar's a big crowd in Wolfville that June day."

Bud had just returned from Soldier Butte, where he had been spending the afternoon. "What's devouring you now?" asked Ben Tremont. "Or is it just one of your weekly sillies?" "Who are yer alludin' at?" asked Bud loftily. "As you were going to say " suggested Kit, looking at Bud. "Boys, thar's goin' ter be a 'rent rag' in the Butte ter-morrer night, an' we all have an urgent bid ter be present."

Thar's my idear: for I go for the doctrine that every able-bodied man should sarve his country and his neighbours, and fight their foes; and them that does is men and gentlemen, and them that don't is cowards and rascals, that's my idear. And so, fawwell."