A woman will forgive the man who has ruined her life's work so long as he gives her love; a man may forgive those who ruin the love of his life, but he will never forgive the destruction of his work. 'Tck tck tck, said Dick between his teeth, and then laughed softly. 'It's an omen, Bessie, and a good many things considered, it serves me right for doing what I have done.

"Tck!" said Martha, "the idea of calling her good-looking! And I don't think it speaks well for a woman of her age she's forty if she's a day to let a boy trail round after her like that. And to fix herself up with sachet-powders and things. And her Sarah told the Draytons' Jean that she had her breakfast in bed every morning!

That's just the difference between a man and a woman, sir; the man always knows; the woman, if she's the right kind, doesn't until she's told." "Tck!" said Martha, Dr. Lavendar looked down at the bowl of his pipe then he said meekly, "I was under the impression that Eve ate her apple before Adam had so much as a bite. Still, whether Mrs.

Mahbub puffed his hookah in silence. Then he began, almost whispering: 'Umballa is on the road to Benares if indeed ye two go there. 'Tck! Tck! I tell thee he does not know how to lie as we two know. 'And if thou wilt carry a message for me as far as Umballa, I will give thee money.

She brought him up, and from what I can find out, he turned out pretty bad." "Tck, tck." Mr. Watlin was moved. "It was very sad for the lidy, but 'e's dead now, poor chap! We must speak no ill of the dead." "It's a vewy bad fing to be dead," interposed The Seraph, sententiously, "you can't eat, you can't dwink, an' you just fly 'wound an' 'wound, lookin' for somefing to light on!"

At the end of half an hour, he tossed the twig from him with a grunt. 'Hm! Thus say the stars. Within three days come the two men to make all things ready. After them follows the Bull; but the sign over against him is the sign of War and armed men. 'There was indeed a man of the Ludhiana Sikhs in the carriage from Lahore, said the cultivator's wife hopefully. 'Tck! Armed men many hundreds.

Very good, said the Head, he would attend to it. "Well, I'm awf'ly sorry," said Crandall guiltily. "I don't think I told 'em anything they oughtn't to hear. Don't let them get into trouble on my account." "Tck!" the Head answered, with the ghost of a wink. "It isn't the boys that make trouble; it's the masters.

One wheel right off, the front all twissen, and the axle-tree bent. It'll be like making a new 'un. Tck!" "You wouldn't laugh like that, David, if you'd got it to pay for," said Tom.

It was put out by an Arrow which Kim tapped his foot impatiently as he translated in his own mind from the vernacular to his clumsy English. It is so verree valuable to us. 'Say that again, said Bennett. Kim obeyed, with amplifications. 'But this is gross blasphemy! cried the Church of England. 'Tck! Tck! said Father Victor sympathetically.

Look here, Willy, what do you mean by saying Mrs. Richie doesn't know Sam's sentiments?" "I mean that women like Mrs. Richie are so unconscious, they don't see things like that. She's as unconscious as a girl." "Tck!" said Martha. "A girl!" said Dr, Lavendar. "Say a tree, or a boy but don't say a girl. Why, William, everybody sees it. Even Benjamin Wright. Of course she knows it."