This he read over to his wife, saying: "That's the way we fix contracts that aren't ship-shape, Emily; a steamboat couldn't be run in any other way." Then Crayme wrote at the foot of the paper, "Sam Crayme, Capt. Str.

So widely had the fame and the works of this craftsman spread throughout Lombardy, that even from Tuscany men sent for something by his hand, as they did from Lucca, whither there went a panel containing a S. Anne and a Madonna, with many other figures, and a Dead Christ above in the lap of His Mother; which work is set up in the Church of S. Fridiano, and is held in great price by the people of Lucca. For the Church of the Nunziata in Bologna he painted two other panels, which were wrought with much diligence; and in the Misericordia, likewise, without the Porta a Str

Adieu, dear S^r, I am most sincerely yours, TG: August 26, 1766, Pembroke College. Mr. Brown is gone to see his Brother near Margate. When is L^d Str: to be married? If M^r and M^rs Jonathan are with you, I desire my compliments. Anstey's referred to in the Introduction. By Sterne's friend, John Hall Stevenson. Lord Strathmore.

"There will be a long struggle, a fight of love against craft and and greed! Who will win?" The fact that the Government Secret Service had already traced the delivery of the heavily insured shipment, "ex. Str. Lord Roberts," to Professor Andrew Fraser, was a first victory for the enemy!

Both of them obeyed, and then returned and stood silent; they could not tell him no. Presently the woman said, "Don' you warn put you' shut on?" "What did you say my name was?" he said. "Ole 'Str " She paused at the look of pain on his face, shifted uneasily from one foot to the other, and relapsed into embarrassed silence. "Nem min'! dee'll know it dee'll know me 'dout any name, oon dee?"

"Perhaps she would not care to go into her husband's liabilities before a a str before a third person!" "Two is company and three is none, in fact," say I, with a slight relapse into the disdainful and snorting mood. He looks distressed, but attempts no argument or explanation.

For heaven's sake, my good man, as you hope to be saved, take care of my dress! Stranger. I'll do what I can, but it doesn't depend upon me. P. What heaps of people! They push like a drove of pigs. Str. Don't be frightened, ma'am; we are all right. P. May you be all right, my dear sir, to the last day you live, for the care you have taken of us! What a kind, considerate man!

Crowe and Cavalcaselle, History of Painting in Italy, 1903, vol. ii. p. 290. For a full consideration of these and other works of Perugino, Gentile da Fabriano, and the Umbrian masters, see my Cities of Umbria. Poliziano, Stanza I, str. 43, 44, 46, 47 68, 72, 85, 94; and Alberti, Opere Volgari, Della Pittura, Lib.

"A lack of harmony between a pastor and his Elder is very bad ah, very bad. Ahem! Ahem! And so, considering everything we Brother Str that is the board have thought best that your relations with the Memorial Church should discontinue." "And when was this action taken?" asked Dan quietly. "The day before the meetings closed. We wished to have the benefit of Brother Sigman's advice before he left.

The complexion of the piece is, I grieve to say, 'perfect gallows' just now our King, Mr. Dale, being . . . but you'll see him, and, I fear, not much applaud. Your unworthy son, in things literary, Robert Browning. A most unnecessary desire, but urged on me by Messrs. Longman: no notice on Str. in to-night's True Sun,* lest the other papers be jealous!!! * Mr.