Denson, a large woman who narrowly escaped being ginger-whiskered like her husband, beamed upon them from the doorway. "Come right on in! Louise, here's comp'ny! The house is all tore up we been tryin' t' clean house a little. Lay off yer things an' I'll git yuh some dinner right away. I'm awful glad yuh come over I do hate t' see folks stand on cer'mony out here where neighbors is so skurce.

Leastways, thuther parsons, they turned Parson Ely aout o' the min'stry daown to Somers whar he wuz, fer a tellin the poor folks they didn' git their rights. Times wuz hard four or five year ago, though they warn't so all-fired hard ez they be naow. Taxes wuz high 'nuff, an money wuz dretful skurce, an thar wuz lots o' lawin an suein o' poor folks.

She didn't give us any preserves or cake . . . and even the bread was skurce." "Davy, when you go visiting you must never criticize anything you are given to eat," said Anne solemnly. "It is very bad manners." "All right . . . I'll only think it," said Davy cheerfully. "Do give a fellow some supper, Anne." Anne looked at Marilla, who followed her into the pantry and shut the door cautiously.

There was one more," he continued, "that struck me a good deal at the time. It was about money, like the fust one, in a different sort of way. It was durin' those days when specie was so skurce and high that it was quite a circumstance to get a piece of hard money.

Ar, these Boys they little know how the old folks worrit about 'em. But my father he never had no occasion to worrit about me. You know, Betsy, that when I fust commenced my career as a moral exhibitor with a six-legged cat and a Bass drum, I was only a simple peasant child skurce 15 Summers had flow'd over my yoothful hed. But I had sum mind of my own. My father understood this.

I'm short-handed; help is turrible skurce in war-time, and I can keep you out of Satan's hands, if nothing else." "You busy, Miss Margaritty?" It was Marm Prudence's voice, and at the sound Rita opened her door quickly. She and Manuela had been holding a mournful consultation over the state of her wardrobe, which had had rough usage during the past two weeks, and she was glad of an interruption.

Solon was doubtful, because of Bim's color and the length of his tail. "I hain't nebber see no fust-class 'coon dawg wha' warn't yallar an' stumpy tail lak my Bijah war," he would remark, gazing reflectively at Bim, and shaking his head. "Of cose dish yer Bim dawg uncommon knowin', an' maybe him tree a 'coon 'mos' ez good ez Bijah; but hit's a gif, an' a mighty skurce gif 'mong dawgs."

"Idees sure seems to be skurce in this outfit or that there lily-uh-the-valley couldn't set and comb no chaps in broad daylight, by cripes; not and get off with it." "He's an ornament to the Flying U," Pink stated dreamily. "Us boneheads don't appreciate him, is all that ails us. What we ought to do is help him be as pretty as he wants to be, and " "Looky here, Little One."

"I should think the receipt would be worth ten dollars," observed Aunt Maria thoughtfully. "Not 'xactly here," returned the captain, with one of his dried smiles, which had the air of having been used a great many times before. "Halibut too skurce. Wal, I was goin' to tell ye 'bout this nigger. He come to be the cook he was because he was a big eater.

Some are really too ill to work, some can't get work to do, and others are too foolish to see any necessity for workin. I was down there last winter and I observed that this class had plenty of preachin for their souls, but skurce any vittles for their stummux. Now, if it is proposed to send flour and bacon along with the gospel, the idea is really an excellent one.