"Him's las' words was referrin' ter yer, yer pore beast," he had said, snuffling out loud. He had stayed in the stables all day, "wishin' all ole she-cats was to home, an' him an' Mist' Dode could live in peace."

We'll talk of somethin' else.... Hope you enjoyed that reunion this week with yore old friend, absent far, but dear to memory ever." "Referrin' to?" demanded Doble with sharp hostility. "Why, Ad Miller, Dug." "Is he a friend of mine?" "Ain't he?" "Not that I ever heard tell of." "Glad of that. You won't miss him now he's lit out." "Oh, he's lit out, has he?" "A li'l bird whispered to me he had."

Slawson. "Now, what do you think of that?" "I've tried once or twice to tell him " continued Claire. "Tell who? Tell Mr. Van Brandt?" "No, Mr. Ronald." "O! You see, when you speak o' he an' him it might mean almost any gen'l'man. But I'll try to remember you're always referrin' to Mr. Ronald." "I've tried once or twice to tell him, for I can't bear to be untruthful.

It's in a class all by itself." "But suppose the love isn't mutual, what then?" Reynolds asked. "That'd be a pity, an' no mistake. Are ye referrin' to yer own case?" "I certainly am. I am positive that the only woman in the world I want cares nothing for me. She does not even know my name, while I oh, well, you know how I feel toward her." "Jist keep up courage an' plod along, that's my advice.

"Also, the same means more or less accordin' to who all puts the word in play. I remembers a mighty decent sort of sport, old Cape Willingham it is; an' yet Dan Boggs is forever referrin' to old Cape as 'ornery. An' I reckon Dan thinks he is.

"'It shorely shows the oncertainties of things, says Enright, ag'in referrin' to his glass. 'I'm in the very act of congratulatin' myse'f, mental, that this yere is the best season I ever sees, when a party rides in from the first stage station towards Tucson, with the tale. It's shore a paradox; it's a case where the more I win, the more I lose.

I regret I expressed my opinion so vigorously then. We have nothin' practical to suggest, if you are referrin' to any form of compensation. Esther is happily married, thank God. All we want is to make it perfectly plain what we think of Mr. James Cunningham." James acknowledged this and answered. "That is quite clear. I may say that I entirely concur in your estimate of my conduct.

Used to do it private like, but it's been gittin' so lately you can't pass the house without hearin' 'em referrin' to each other mighty sharp and searchin'." "Um!... Difficulty appears to be what, Will? Got any idee where lies the seat of the trouble?" "They jest hain't habitually suited to one another," said Will.

"Kin ye go to Keene forty-two mile in an afternoon with a mate," said Rick; "an' turn out bright an' early next mornin'?" "Was there evah any time in your careah, suh I am not referrin' to the present circumstances, but our mutual glorious past when you could carry a pretty girl to market hahnsome, an' let her knit all the way on account o' the smoothness o' the motion?" said Tweezy.

Don't underrate your enemy, whatever you do, for it's not fair; besides, in so doin' you underrate your own deeds. Moreover, we don't allow boastin' aboard of this island; so go ahead, Jack Brace, and tell us what you did do, without referrin' to what you think you could do. Mind, I'm king here, and I'll have to clap you in irons if you let your tongue wag too freely."