Sim nodded assent. "And now you'll go back to the Mess, as I told you. Rotha will want you there, and Willy too. You'll fill my place till I return, you know." Sim shook his head. "I'd be nothing but an ache and a stound to the lass, as I've olas been nothing but an ache and a stound to them all." "No, not that; a comfort, if only you will try to have it so.

"Like eneuf," said several voices amid a laugh. "He was hard on Mother Garth was Wilson," continued Matthew; "I nivver could mak ought on it. He called her a witch, and seurly she is a laal bit uncanny." "Maybe she wasn't always such like," said Mr. Jackson. "Maybe not, John," said Matthew; "but she was olas a cross-grained yan sin the day she came first to Wy'burn."

"A fool may ask mair questions ner a doctor can answer." The shepherd shifted in his seat. "That Wilson was na shaks nowther," continued Matthew quietly. "He was accustomed to 'tummel' his neighbors, and never paused to inquire into their bruises. He'd olas the black dog on his back leastways latterly. Ey, the braizzant taistrel med have done something for Ralph an he lived langer.

The roads are varra drewvy after the snow," he added, stamping the clods from his boots. Then looking about, "Hesn't our Liza been here to-neet?" "Not yet," Rotha answered. "Whearaway is t' lass? I thought she was for slipping off to Shoulth'et. But then she's olas gitten her best bib and tucker on nowadays."

Do el viento riza las calladas olas Que con blando murmullo en la ribera Se deslizan veloces por solas. as Alaejos says, exhaled in the distance thin, vapors that the moon, now at its full, gradually converted into mysterious transparent gauze. A distant sound became audible, a noise that rapidly approached. Isagani turned his head and his heart began to beat violently.

And the Borodinis turned out in great force, and so did all the other 'inis, and 'olas, and 'ninos dozens of them and in came Loretta, so beautiful that everybody held his breath; and we all gathered about the altar, and good Father Garola stepped down and took their hands; and two candles were lighted and a little bell rang; and then somebody signed a book somebody with the bearing of a prince Borodini, I think and then Luigi, his rich, sunburned face and throat in contrast with his white shirt, moved up and affixed his name to the register; and then a door opened on the side and they all went out into the sunlight.

Ey, swear it!" cried Robbie at a fuller pitch of his weakened voice. "He's olas running on that, too," whispered Mattha to Rotha. "Dusta mind 'at laal Reuben said the same?" In a soft and pleading tone Robbie mumbled on, "Don't greet, mammy, or ye'll kill me sure enough. Killing you? Ey, it's true it's true; but I'll mend my management I will."

Upon her arrival in Guaymas the Bavarian's name is changed to La Golondrina, or Sobre las Olas, or Manana, or Poco Tiempo whatever's right. I think we may safely gamble that she will arrive in Guaymas in the light of what the British Consul told us; and, in view of her departure unannounced, no British warship on the West Coast can get so far north as Guaymas in time to intercept her.

In the second course Quiñones encountered the German in the top of his plastron, without piercing it, and the lance came out under his arm-pit, whereupon all thought he was wounded, for on receiving the shock he exclaimed Olas! and his right vantbrace was torn off, but the lance was not broken. The German encountered Quiñones in the front of his helmet, breaking his lance two palms from the iron.

Three Mexicans, with harp, violin, and 'cello had supplied the music: the everlasting national airs. It seemed to Harboro that the whole republic spent half its time within hearing of Sobre las Olas, and La Paloma, and La Golondrina.