She took a small basket from the table in the hall, Max shouldered his fishing-rod, which he had left there behind the front door, and they went out together. "Bear a fair presence, though your heart be tainted, Teach sin the carriage of a holy saint." Shaks. The children walked very fast, glancing this way and that till satisfied that there was no longer any danger of encountering Mrs.

Delightful as it would be to both of us for you to make one of our little party, we would not for the world deprive dear mamma of the support and comfort of your presence here; nor our dear old grandfather either." "Filial ingratitude? Is it not as this mouth should tear this hand For lifting food to 't?" Shaks. Lear. "This is a very sudden resolve of yours, mother, isn't it?" Dr.

'They maun be packit sae close, sae unco close i' their muckle pocks, like the feathers in a feather-bed! and syne, whan they lat them a' oot thegither, like haudin the bed i' their twa ban's by the boddom corners, they maun be smorin thick till they begin to spread! 'And wha think ye shaks oot the muckle pocks, Steenie? 'I dinna ken. I hae aften thoucht aboot it.

Recitations or declamations, essays, and debates upon questions previously selected, constitute the regular exercises at these meetings. Browne possesses quite a talent for dramatic recitation, and he has Shakespeare almost by heart, which circumstances, early on the voyage out, earned for him the nickname of "Shaks."

"A fool may ask mair questions ner a doctor can answer." The shepherd shifted in his seat. "That Wilson was na shaks nowther," continued Matthew quietly. "He was accustomed to 'tummel' his neighbors, and never paused to inquire into their bruises. He'd olas the black dog on his back leastways latterly. Ey, the braizzant taistrel med have done something for Ralph an he lived langer.

On the third day, having entered the desert, and passed the lake called Shaks Oser, we beheld a numerous body of horde on the other side or it to the north, who supposed we had passed on that side of the lake; but either having found the mistake, or being certainly informed of the way we took, they came upon us towards the dusk of the evening, just as we had pitched our camp between two little but very thick woods, with a little river running before our front and some felled trees with which we covered our rear; a precaution we always took, and which we had just finished when the enemy came up.