Do el viento riza las calladas olas Que con blando murmullo en la ribera Se deslizan veloces por solas. as Alaejos says, exhaled in the distance thin, vapors that the moon, now at its full, gradually converted into mysterious transparent gauze. A distant sound became audible, a noise that rapidly approached. Isagani turned his head and his heart began to beat violently.

2 Iter ab Anglia tam per terras quam per aquas, vsque in Constantinopolim. 3 De vrbe Constantinopoli, et reliquijs ibidem contentis. 4 Via tam per terras quam per aquas, a Constantinopoli vsque Acharon, vel Acon. 5 Via a Francia et Flandria, per solas terras vsque in Hierusalem. 6 Via de Cypro vel de Hierusalem, vsque in Babyloniam Egypti.

Via a Francia aut Flandria per solas terras vsque Ierusalem.

There was Skelton and his rough-running, irregular rhythmic rather than strictly metrical verses ... mad and ribald ... often tedious ... but with wild flashes of beauty interwoven through his poems ... the poem about his mistress's sparrow ... the elegy on its death ... where he prayed God to give it the little wren of the Virgin Mary, as a wife, in heaven "to tread, for solas!"

Stevens, J.: Central America, Chiapez and Yucatan. Solas, W. J.: Ancient Hunters. Wood-Martin: Pagan Ireland. THE PSYCHOANALYTIC TREATMENT Of HYSTERO-EPILEPSY Psychologist, Massachusetts General Hospital; Examiner in Psychotherapy, Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts; Assistant in Neurology, Graduate School of Medicine, Harvard University.

Et tandem post reformatam inter se pacem mulieres inito consilio statuerum se solas absque viris dominari in terra, atque ex tunc sumi sibi regimen per certam electionis formam quae robusta, agilis, sapiens, iuuenis, ac valens apparet in armis.

Luis de Leon le respondió que en lo de confesion le parescia que decia una herejía, y que entonces este declarante le dijo que quitase allá tal libro y tal revelacion como decia; y que con esto no le dijo mas el dicho fray Luis de Leon; y que despues formó este declarante escrúpulo si estaba obligado á denunciar de aquello que le habia dicho, y que lo preguntó á dos personas de ciencia y consciencia, religiosos de su órden, y le dijeron que ;... Y este declarante determinado de denunciar, preguntó al dicho Fray Luis de Leon á solas por el dicho Arias Montano que le habia dado el dicho libro, que si era buen cristiano; que el dicho Fr.

The following is an account of the means pursued by Bainbridge, Warden of the Fleet, to extort money from one Solas, a poor man, imprisoned for debt : "Bainbridge caused him to be turned into the dungeon, called the Strong Room of the Master's side.

That the lava followed the showers of ashes and lapilli forming the walls of the craters is rendered very evident in the case of the Puy de la Vache, whose lava-stream coalescing with those from the Puy de la Solas and Puy Noir, deluged the surrounding tracts and flowed down the Channonat Valley as far as La Roche Blanc in the Vale of Clermont.

"And after this forth to the gate he wente, Ther as Creseide out rode a ful gode pass, And up and doun there made he many' a wente, And to himselfe ful oft he said, Alas! Fro hennis rode my blisse and my solas As woulde blisful God now for his joie, I might her sene agen come in to Troie!