Apart from the quotation of a passage in Jorge Manrique's Coplas, the Exposicion del libro de Job offers few indications of Spanish origin and fewer personal touches.

That which renders this testimony more authentic, is, that at the bottom of the letter, these words, in Spanish, are written by the same hand which corrected those two passages of which I spoke: Hallo se la razon del tiempo que el S. P. Francisco Xavier naciò, en un libro manual de su hermano el Capitan Juan de Azpilcueta: la qual sacò de un libro, de su padre Don Juan Jasso; viz.

DON EDUARDO. Nada más natural, ciertamente. DON PEDRO. Y llevan también libro de entradas y salidas como si hubieran sido toda su vida horteras. DON EDUARDO. Así, Sr. D. Pedro, usted habrá ya observado.... DON PEDRO. , señor, ya que usted está muy prendado de mi Matilde. DON EDUARDO. Entonces advinará usted también que el objeto de mi visita es....

Another was The Spiritual Combat, that queer yet able book of the cleric Scupoli described as the "aureo libro," dedicated "Al Supremo Capitano e Gloriosissimo Trionfatore, Gesu Cristo, Figliuolo di Maria," and this dedication in the form of a letter to Our Saviour, signed, "Your most humble servant, purchased with Your Blood." 1

The success of the Libro de los Cantares was immediate and great; the first three editions were exhausted in a few months; the duc de Montpensier wished to defray the expenses of the fourth, and Queen Isabella of the fifth; since then others have followed. Some years later the poet married, and since then has written chiefly in prose.

The "Life of Sextus Quintus" is the best book of the innumerable books written by Gregorio Leti, whom the Italians, very justly, call 'Leti caca libro'. But I would rather that you chose some pieces of oratory for your translations, whether ancient or modern, Latin or French, which would give you a more oratorical train of thoughts and turn of expression.

With regard to their Serene Highnesses of Wolgast, I have already related, libro primo, that the young lord, Ernest Ludovicus, was carried out of Sidonia's chamber like one dead, when he beheld her abominable wickedness with his own eyes and all can easily believe that he lay for a long while sick unto death. In vain Dr.

But there were things; in my young life very apt to sharpen my wits. We Schoppers are nearly allied with every worshipful family in the town, or of a rank to sit in the council and bear a coat of arms; these being, in fact, in Nuremberg, the class answering to the families of the Signoria in Venice, whose names are enrolled in the Libro d'Oro.

An exceedingly rare and precious book published in Venice in 1534 contains extracts from the writings of Peter Martyr. It bears the title: Libro primo della historia dell' Indie Occidentali. Summario de la generate historia dell' Indie Occidentali cavato da libri scritti dal Signer Don Pietro Martyre, etc., Venezia, 1534.

XVII. 59 Multas ad res perutiles Xenophontis libri sunt, quos legite quaeso studiose, ut facitis. Quam copiose ab eo agri cultura laudatur in eo libro, qui est de tuenda re familiari, qui Oeconomicus inscribitur!