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The current law defines the kilogramme as the standard of mass, and the law is certainly in conformity with the rather obscurely expressed intentions of the founders of the metrical system.

The Roman historian attests the prevalence among the German tribes of ancient songs, which he expressly mentions as their only kind of memory or record, thus showing that all their tales, whether mythologic or heroic, were for better preservation cast into metrical form.

Here are examples of the "c" type i.e. predominant verse rhythms, with occasional emphasis upon metrical feet: "Would you hear of an old-time sea-fight? Would you learn who won by the light of the moon and stars? List to the yarn, as my grandmother's father the sailor told it to me. * "Our frigate takes fire, The other asks if we demand quarter? If our colors are struck and the fighting done?

The Satires and Epistles differ somewhat in form, in elaboration, and in metrical treatment, but on the whole they have sufficient resemblance to be considered together. The Horatian satire is sui generis. In the familiar modern sense it is not satire at all. The censorious spirit that finds nothing to praise, everything to ridicule, is quite alien to Horace.

Mony's the gliff I got mysel' in the great deep; and why the Lord should hae made yon unco water is mair than ever I could win to understand. He made the vales and the pastures, the bonny green yaird, the halesome, canty land And now they shout and sing to Thee, For Thou hast made them glad, as the Psalms say in the metrical version.

Besides these are metrical versions of certain Psalms which are valuable, in view of the controversy anent Shakespeare's plays, for showing Bacon's utter inability to write poetry and a large number of letters and state papers showing the range and power of his intellect.

And, talking all the time with a metrical fluency, he scraped a little jig on the violin, while Dummer led off a procession which solemnly capered round the room in sundry stages of conscious awkwardness. Mr. Bultitude shuffled along somehow after the rest, with rebellion at his heart and a deep sense of degradation. "If my clerks were to see me now!" he thought. After some minutes of this, Mr.

It is interesting to observe how, in later years, this talent for metrical rhythm, which had been so misapplied, became consecrated, as were all her faculties, to the promotion of piety and virtue. During the long period in which her mental energies were thus misdirected, a cloud of darkness enveloped her spirit.

But, alas, rhetoric soon triumphed over imagination, and in the absence of metrical restraint the ode grew declamatory, bombastic, and lowest stage of all, "official," the last refuge of laureates who felt obliged to produce something sonorous in honor of a royal birthday or wedding. This official ode persisted long after the pseudo-Pindaric flag was lowered and Cowley had become neglected.

The moulds may be enumerated, and the forms specified, in the following order. 1st, The Narrative, including the Epopoeia, the Historic Poem, the Tale, the Romance, the Mock-heroic, and, if the spirit of Homer will tolerate such neighbourhood, that dear production of our days, the metrical Novel.