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From the latter place it proceeds almost eastward to Cayey, and there it takes a winding course to the north as far as Caquas. Thence it turns west to Aquas Buenos, and then goes straight north through Guaynola and Rio Piedras to San Juan. The entire length of this highway is about eighty-five miles. The distance from Ponce to San Juan, as the bird flies, is only forty-five miles.

2 Iter ab Anglia tam per terras quam per aquas, vsque in Constantinopolim. 3 De vrbe Constantinopoli, et reliquijs ibidem contentis. 4 Via tam per terras quam per aquas, a Constantinopoli vsque Acharon, vel Acon. 5 Via a Francia et Flandria, per solas terras vsque in Hierusalem. 6 Via de Cypro vel de Hierusalem, vsque in Babyloniam Egypti.

In June, when the sun enters Cancer, the rains are so incessant that the Portuguese call that month La Luna de las Aquas, or the Water Month. Their seed-time begins in August, when they sow maize, called miglio zaburo.

I apply myself to what I see and to what I have in my hand, and go not very far from the shore, "Alter remus aquas, alter tibi radat arenas:"

But troweth not that I wil telle zou alle the townes and cytees and castelles, that men schulle go by; for than scholde I make to longe a tale; but alle only summe contrees and most princypalle stedes, that men schulle gone thorgh, to gon the righte way. Iter ab Anglia tam per terras quam per aquas vsque in Constantinopolim.

Qui de Hybernia, Anglia, Scotia, Noruegia, aut Gallia, iter arripit ad partes Hierosolymitanas potest saltem vsque ad Imperialem Greciae Ciuitatem Constantinopolim eligere sibi modum proficiscendi, siue per terras, siue per aquas. Nam tenet et Sclauoniam, et magnam partem Regni Comannorum, et Hungariam, et partem Regni Russiae.

"What an escape! How narrowly, as Propertius hath it femininely, `Eripitur nobis jumpridem carus puer. Well was it that thou hadst learnt to swim verily thou must have struggled lustily. `Pugnat in adversas ire natator aquas, yea, lustily for thy life, child. Now, God be praised!"

"Accipe quæ nimios vincant umbracula soles, Sit licet, et ventus, te tua vela tegont." By tua vela is to be understood "your own Umbrella." And elsewhere the same writer gives the advice: "Ingrediare viam coelo licet usque sereno Ad subitas nunquam scortea desit aquas." Man'., lib. xiv.

It burst upon us like a scene of enchantment, as we emerged from the darkness of the forest into the dazzling light and colouring of that glorious valley. "Misericordia, misericordia! Audi nos peccadores! Misericordia, las aquas!" suddenly screamed and exclaimed the Mexicans in various intonations of terror and despair. We looked around us. What can be the matter? We see nothing.

Concil. p. 329. Instauret etiam Dei ecclesiam; ... et instauret vias publicas pontibus super aquas profundas et super cænosas vias; ... manumittat servos suos proprios, et redimat ab aliis hominibus servos suos ad libertatem. L Eccl. Edgari, 14.

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