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No loudness, brazenness, impertinence; no oaths, no swaggering, no leering at women, no irreverence, no flippancy, no bullying, no insolence of porters or clerks or conductors, no importunity of bootblacks or newsboys, no omnivorousness, of hackmen, at least, comparatively none, all of which an American is apt to notice, and, I hope, appreciate.

And when Daniel looked at her in astonishment, she blushed and continued: “You are not going with him; he is going to see some women!” The three young men laughed, and in her confusion Eleanore laughed too. “How tragic you are, little Eleanore,” said Daniel in a tone of unusual flippancy, “what do you want me to do?

There are many churches in Carmona, and into one of these I entered; it had nothing of great interest, but to a certain degree it was rich, rich in its gilded woodwork and in the brocade that adorned the pillars; and I felt that these Spanish churches lent a certain dignity to life: for all the careless flippancy of Andalusia they still remained to strike a nobler note.

Spragg murmured: "She never HAS, Abner," but Mr. Spragg's brow remained unrelenting. "Do you know what a box costs?" "No; but I s'pose you do," Undine returned with unconscious flippancy. "I do. That's the trouble. WHY won't seats do you?" "Mabel could buy seats for herself." "That's so," interpolated Mrs. Spragg always the first to succumb to her daughter's arguments.

Peter was disgusted and shocked at his mother's flippancy. Modern colleges are atheistic, but they do exalt three gods, food, cleanliness, and exercise. Now here was Peter's mother blaspheming one of his trinity. "I wish you 'd let me know when you want anything Mother. I'll get it fresh for you." His words were filial enough, but his tone carried his irritation.

If it were not for this species of accommodation, marriage would be a worse thing than it is. 'I never suspected you of having made a study of the subject. Since when have you devoted your attention to the theme? 'I could answer in the words of Wilkes since I have had the honour to know your Royal Highness; but perhaps you might be displeased with the flippancy.

The seriousness was in the speech which, amid the delighted applause of the Tories, Mr. Chamberlain denounced as buffoonery. In some respects Mr. Labouchere reminds me of the late Mr. Biggar. Underneath all his exterior of carelessness, callousness, and flippancy, there lies a very strong, a very tenacious, and a very clear-sighted man.

"I suppose I'm not what you would call popular here." She gave a gesture of annoyance. "Can't you understand that this is no time for flippancy? Can't you make him see it, sir?" she called to Davis. That gentleman shook his head. "He'll go his own way, I expect. He always was that bull-headed." "Firm I call it," smiled Gordon.

In another fifty years we shall have collectors fighting for that Bay of Naples." Bessy Westmore turned from him impatiently. When she felt deeply on any subject her father's flippancy annoyed her. "You can see, Maria," she said, seating herself beside the other lady of the party, "why I couldn't possibly live here." Mrs.

Leigh Hunt's "Rimini" the Quarterly finds to be an "ungrammatical, unauthorized, chaotic jargon, such as we believe was never before spoken, much less written.... We never," concludes the reviewer, "in so few lines saw so many clear marks of the vulgar impatience of a low man, conscious and ashamed of his wretched vanity, and labouring, with coarse flippancy, to scramble over the bounds of birth and education, and fidget himself into the stout-heartedness of being familiar with a Lord."