He remembered seeing this same Jase Vaughn, now riding unsuspectingly toward the loaded rifle, at a corn shucking once. Ralph then thought him a very jolly, amusing fellow. "Now lad now lad!" whispered the old man. "Get down and take your sight. I've seen ye shoot the heads offn squirrels. Just imagine that feller's head is a squirrel's. As for the child " "Grandpa, I will not shoot.

He found that worthy looking as benevolently greasy as ever, and ready to offer him all the resources of his larder. "I thought I'd come and get my tea now, cook, I've got to go out on patrol at sundown. I'm afraid I'm a beastly nuisance." "Nuisance? No, o' course not. I ain't one o' them blokes as grumble cause a feller's 'ungry. Wot d'yer say to a bit o' cold meat and some tea to start with?"

"Dibert's havin' trouble with Neifkins's herder says the feller does most of his herdin' in the wagon, and there would a been a 'mix' a dozen times if he hadn't been with his sheep every minute. Dibert says it looks to him like the feller's doin' it on purpose." "I don't know but what I'd rather have it that way than for them to be too friendly.

Having described the arrest, he unwrapped a long knife, which was handed round the tables for inspection. When it reached the red-faced juror, he regarded the blade closely up and down, with gloating satisfaction. "Are those stains blood?" he asked the policeman. "Yes, sir; them there is the poor feller's blood." The red-faced man looked again, and suddenly turning upon Mr.

"Thar's three of ye hyar," he announced in an abruptly ominous voice, "and one of me. Ef any man makes a move ter draw a gun, I aims straightway ter break this feller's neck. Don't let no man move from where he stands at!" Astonishment enforced a momentary obedience, save that the man upon whose shoulders the gigantic hands lay not as yet heavily attempted to squirm away.

We cannot turn him over to Villa, or any other Mexican to be murdered." Grumblingly Grayson unsaddled. "Ef you'd seen what I've seen around here," he said, "I guess you wouldn't be so keen to save this feller's hide." "What do you mean?" asked the boss. "I mean that he's ben tryin' to make love to your daughter." The older man laughed. "Don't be a fool, Grayson," he said, and walked away.

This is the way I feel about a feller's wife's brother: If he got a little money then he treats you like a dawg, Mawruss, and if he's broke, y'understand, then your wife gives him all your cigars and ties, and if you should happen to have the same size neck, Mawruss, then all your life you are buying collars and shirts for two.

When Cap that's th' man that whips comes 'long, boy sez feller's bin shirkin'. Then feller's tied t' tree 'nd Cap beats him till feller begs t' be killed. I don't want t' hurt anybody 'cept one feller, but I ain't goin' back t' no chain gang. If the sheriff holds me up, 'nd sez 'Come back or I'll shoot, I'll say 'Shoot!"

I tell my wife if I had a son like that an' he'd send me home a bushel basket o' money, earnt like that, I wouldn't touch finger to it-no, sir!" "You wouldn't? Why?" "'Cause it ain't right. It ain't made right no way, you-" "But how is it made? What's the feller's trade?" "He's a gambler-that's his trade! He plays cards, and every cent is bloody.

I felt as if there warn't nothin' left; and then the good Lord, he stood by me, and he says, 'Fear not, Tom; and he brings light and joy in a poor feller's soul, makes all peace; and I 's so happy, and loves everybody, and feels willin' jest to be the Lord's, and have the Lord's will done, and be put jest where the Lord wants to put me.