Do I see a blue envelope sticking out of your pocket?" "You do." "Is it a copy of the will?" he asked. I answered "yes," and added that I had full permission to show it to him. "What did I tell you?" exclaimed Jervis. "Didn't I say that he would get the copy for us if it existed?" "We admit the excellence of your prognosis," said Thorndyke, "but there is no need to be boastful.

About six or seven years ago there was one up here that came mighty near ending the existence of a good many it did carry one poor old darky woman away." "That's cheerful! Sand, forgive me if I seem brutal, but do you know I believe the cooking up here is giving me indigestion. I wouldn't mind this if I didn't have your anatomy in mind, too. Those what do you call them?" "Ash cakes?" "Yes.

There was plenty of duck hunting and frog catching among the settlers there, but they didn't seem to understand how to find a market for them. I at once took advantage of this by getting a day off and a pass to Chicago, where I bargained with a commission merchant to handle all I could send him.

Fanny's face clouded. "Very well," she said, as she rose from her seat, "I'm sure I don't want to talk about it. I didn't like the job a bit nor did mother. But if you are poor and somebody owes you something you can't help trying to get it that's all!" Diana said nothing. She went to the writing-table and began to arrange some letters. Fanny looked at her.

I won't know what explanation to make." "Nonsense! I'll explain it to him myself." "Then you feel I ought to accept mother's arrangements?" "You must, if it will make her happy." "She assured me she would be most miserable if I didn't." "Then it's settled," I said. "That's not all, Elizabeth; the duke is sailing for Japan on the twenty-sixth of February." "And this is the twentieth!" I gasped.

Their game was to burn that bridge, and when this train stopped, burn this one behind us, ketch us, whip us, and take the train. We shot at the men we see on the bank, but probably didn't do 'em no harm. They're all pilin' down now to the other bank to whip us out and git the train. You'd better deploy the boys along the top o' the bank here and open on 'em.

But he gave in, with new admiration for the ready mind of Cousin Bill J., who pointed out that white rabbits could not have been saved because they were not fish. He even relished the dry quip that maybe he, the little boy, thought white rabbits were fish; but Cousin Bill J. didn't, for his part.

"Let him call till he's tired, why didn't he stay with that old Judas and the young witch. To think of going off with sich like, and madame just a dying halloo away, Ben Benson 'll sink afore he hears you!"

Woodridge glanced over it, and then surveyed her new assistant. "And you didn't find any plates that were dirty and that had to be sent back?" "Yes, two or three, but I cleaned them myself." Mrs. Woodridge glanced at him with a look of approving curiosity, but his eyes were just then seeking her daughter's for a more grateful sympathy.

"I didn't think any more than you did," said Priscilla stopping in front of the gate as a sign he was to open it for her. He did, and they walked through the garden and into the house in silence. Then she went into the parlour and dropped into a horsehair armchair, and leaning her head against its prickliness she sighed a doleful sigh.