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Peter, the gardener, would watch them lazily, as he leaned upon his hoe, and mutter beneath his breath, "Dat dut wuz dut, en de dut er de flow'r baids warn' no better'n de dut er de co'n fiel'." Betty would laugh and shake her head as she planted her square of pansies. She was working feverishly to overcome her longing for the sight of Dan, and her growing dread of his return.

"But they ought not to touch the money none of them. It belongs to the heirs of the man that was drowned. It ain't no better'n stealing to keep the gold," continued Squire Moses, with an overflow of honest indignation. "That's so," added Ethan, sharing the virtuous sentiments of his father. "Of course the money belongs to somebody, if the man that buried it is dead.

No great scratch whether there's anythin' to kick at or not, but they know better'n to kick me, though they ain't no love for Henry, and he gives them heels plenty of room, 'cept one time when he forgot hisself and got kicked clear out into the road, and nigh into kingdom come, and I'll bet the pair of 'em that ye folks ain't got a hoss in the outfit, not even that bronco with the glassy eye, that kin kick once to June or July's twenty kicks, and, if you don't believe it, just heave a tin can at one or t'other of 'em and see if ye can count the kicks, but keep the road between ye and the kicks or I shan't be responsible for what happens to ye, because I know them mules and I know what they can do, and then agin "

"Now here we air, with all the gold there ever was molded, an' a hull two bottles o' coggnac left, which takes holt e'enamost better'n Hundson's Bay rum. Ain't it a perty leetle ol' world to play with, all with nice pink stripes erroun' hit?" He filled his tin and broke into a roaring song: There was a ol' widder which had three sons Joshuway, James an' John.

'His estate was not a large one as such things go some twelve hundred dollahs, I believe. "'That's better'n breakin' a leg, I says. "'You will, perhaps, be interested to learn, he says, 'that Ah have pu'chased the hawss Trampfast with a po'tion of the money. Hyah is a lettah foh you from Mr.

And none of your men got up on Lookout Mountain any quicker'n we did. Paper collars and red stars showed you the way right along." "My pardner's only envious because he hain't no paper collars nor fine clothes," said Si, conciliatorily. "I've often told him that if he'd leave chuck-a-luck alone and save his money he'd be able to dress better'n Gen. Grant." "Gen.

"How do you like it with the lemonade in, mother?" he inquired eagerly. "The thing that plagues me most is that the red an' yaller one I hed home last week lights up better'n this, an' I believe I'll settle on that; for as I was thinkin' last night in bed, lemonade is mostly an evenin' drink an' Rose won't be usin' the set much by daylight.

What's- his-name er Wright no, Reed I got read and write mixed up, I guess he's a business man and he'd ought to know about such things better'n I do. I don't doubt it'll come out fine and we won't worry any more about it." "And we will still be friends? You know, Mr. Winslow, you are the only real friend I have in Orham. And you have been so loyal." Jed flushed with pleasure.

Mebbe I'll follow your example, an' run away." "Where do you want to go to, and what do you want to do?" "I want to go to college an' learn to be an engineer." "An engineer! What, to run an engine on the railroad?" "No, not that. I want to be a civil engineer, to build bridges, an' do sich things. I'd like it better'n anything else." "Why don't you, then? Won't your father let you?" "No.

"I reckon Rainey here 'ud read it better'n me," he said. "He's a scholar." "If you will," asked the girl. She seemed to have outworn her first sorrow, to have obtained a grip of herself that, with the dignity of her bereavement, the very control of her undoubted grief, set up a barrier between her and Lund. Rainey was conscious of this fence behind which the girl had retreated.