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"Yo've had yo' say, majah," he snapped, "and now I'll have mine. If I find that yo' are in any way responsible fo' the tragedies that have ovahtaken Mrs. Thomas, yo'd bettah see to yo' guns. Until then adios!" The bartender of the La Plata Saloon put a bottle on the bar in front of the stranger, placing, with an added flourish, a thick-bottomed whisky glass beside it.

He shook himself, and then turned, facing his captors. 'A wish a'd niver hidden mysel'; it were his doing, jerking his thumb toward Philip: 'a'm ready to stand by what a've done. Yo've getten a warrant a'll be bound, for them justices is grand at writin' when t' fight's over.

'Fancy or no fancy, yo've come, as I knew yo' would, when I saw yo'r movement in my dream, and when yo're here about me, I reckon I feel easier in my mind, and comforted, just as a fire comforts one on a dree day. Yo' said it were on th' twenty-first; please God, I'll come and see yo'. 'Oh Bessy! you may come and welcome; but don't talk so it really makes me sorry. It does indeed.

'Yo've not been wanting to go long, han yo'? I ha' but just eaten my supper. 'Yo've been so full of talk, that's been the reason your supper lasted so long. That fellow's none going wi' us? said he sharply, as he saw Kinraid rummaging for his cap in a heap of men's clothes, thrown into the back-kitchen. 'No, said Sylvia, in affright at Philip's fierce look and passionate tone.

"Gi' me work" means "and I'll do it like a man." Them's good words. 'And bad words are refusing you work when you ask for it. 'Ay. Bad words is saying "Aha, my fine chap! Yo've been true to yo'r order, and I'll be true to mine. Yo' did the best yo' could for them as wanted help; that's yo'r way of being true to yo'r kind; and I'll be true to mine.

He seated himself in her place, and stooped to look at the box. On the inside of the lid was pasted a discoloured piece of paper, and on the paper was written, in a round, laborious hand, the name, 'John Bolderfield. 'My blazes! he said, slowly, his bloodshot eyes opening wider than ever. 'It's old John's money. So yo've been after it, eh? He turned to her with a grin, one hand on the box.

'What's wrong wi yo, Tom? Yo've got no more spunk nor a moultin hen. What's getten hold o' yo? Tom hesitated a moment. 'Th' Lord! he burst out at last, looking at Davy with that sudden unconscious dignity which strong feeling can bestow for the moment on the meanest of mortals. 'He's a harryin' me! I haven't slep this three neets for shoutin an cryin! It's th' conviction o' sin, Davy.

He'd comed in one night, an' sate him down afore he could speak, he were so done up; he'd been on tramp this many a day, a reckon. "Can yo' give me a bed?" says he, panting like, after a bit. "A chap as a met near here says as yo've a lodging for t' let." "Ay," says a, "a ha' that; but yo' mun pay me a shilling a week for 't."

"Them chaps as bilt the pyramids and obelisks war powerful men. They must er hed sum pride in the kentry or they wouldn't been so everlastin' perticelar 'bout their gravestunes, and this must uv been a different kentry from what it are now. Yo've seen men as has lived too long. It's so, I reckon, with patches of this old world.

T' captain, he sings out for me to cut it; but it's easy singin' out, and it's noane so easy fumblin' for your knife i' t' pocket o' your drawers, when yo've t' hold hard wi' t' other hand on t' back of a whale, swimmin' fourteen knots an hour.