"There hasn't been much real fighting, of late," Private Drew informed the boys the day after their arrival. "It's mostly artillery stuff, and our boys are in that. Now and then a party of us goes over the top or on night listening-patrol. Fritz does the same, but, as yet, we haven't had what you could call a good fight. And we're just aching for it, too."

"You just wait till I go and bring up Jimmie and Dick, and I'll tell you all about it! I won't be gone more than a minute." "But hold on," cried Sandy. "You mustn't go chasing down into the mine now. That bum detective is there, and we don't want him to know that we're anywhere within a hundred miles of this place." "He doesn't know that we're here, either," commented Elmer.

"But," she added, softening to a smile, "between ourselves I can say it, since we're neither of us children a woman with tact, who's not in a position to remarry, will find society extremely indulgent... provided, of course, she keeps up appearances..." Undine turned to her with the frown of a startled Diana.

Both he and his friend, Mr. Brett, know a good deal of the doings of the person we're after, and their assistance is likely to be of the very greatest value. Do you mind giving Mr. Hewitt any information he may ask? I must rush over to the Yard to put some other inquiries on foot, and to set an observation or two, but I'll be back presently." "Certainly," Mr.

"What's up now? Some new stunt?" "Must be something wrong," answered the young inventor. "One of the belts has stopped working. That's why we're going in a circle." He shut off the power and hastened down to the motor room. There he found his men gathered about one of the machines. "What's wrong?" asked Tom quickly. "Just a little accident," replied the head machinist.

"Well," said Newman; "and what's this miracle we're to work?" "I'll show you," said Carrick, still walking. He stopped and turned toward his guest. "Newman," he said, "where do you reckon you were a hundred years ago?" Mr. Newman laughed, crossing his legs as he sat. "I'm not as old as that," he replied. "Whatever place you're thinking of, I wasn't there." Carrick was frowning thoughtfully.

To finish the game, think of our friends, the two sheriffs, loose in the big gash, and hunting for the men who have snapped their fingers in their faces so often across the line!" "Well, it sure looks like there might be some warm times coming," remarked Bob. "I suppose we take our guns along with us when we're going the rounds of the sights?"

"Well, the home gives us up," said Grannie, "for we can't keep the rooms ef we can't pay the rent, and the children can't be fed without money. To put it plain, as far as the home goes, we're broke. That's plain English. It's this 'and that has done it, and I'll never believe in eddication from this time forward; but there's no use goin' back on that now.

I mean we aren't fighting you Germans though we might if we had the chance. We're just taking pictures, and these fellows have stolen our films," and he indicated Secor and Labenstein. The latter made some reply in German to the captain which the boys could not understand. "Give us back our films and let us go!" demanded Macaroni. "We only came to get them!"

"I must earn our expenses until we're safe," said she, once more telling a literal truth that was yet a complete deception. "Why do you fret me?" exclaimed he. "Do you want me to be sick again?" "Suppose you didn't get the advance right away," urged she. "I tell you I shall get it! And I won't have you do as you are doing. If you go, you go for keeps." She seated herself.