I thought he looked queer, but we continued our talk, and finally I told him of my wordy war with a man in New York, who signed "SY," and remarked that I was going over to 195 Broadway, and size him up some day. He knocked the ashes out of his pipe, got up from his chair, and, stretching his six feet two of anatomy to its full length said: "Well, old chap, I'm fagged. I'm going to bed.

But Sy deserves some reward, I'm sure, and I know she'll have it, for a better daughter never lived." Here the third shawl was cast off, as if the thought of Psyche, or the presence of a genial guest had touched Mrs. Dean's chilly nature with a comfortable warmth.

Morton's head disappeared, and after waiting a few moments to make sure he did not intend coming up on the poop, I returned to the skylight. My precious shipmate was talking again. "Hi 'eard 'im sy in the Knitting Swede's 'ow 'e was shipping in this ship just to ryse 'ell." "He said that, did he?" commented Captain Swope. "Now what have you to say to that, Newman?"

His impassioned eloquence brought the sun-bathed palæstra before one with a magic of representment. Suddenly the younger of the boys asked: "Did you sy they was niked?" "Of course," Oscar replied, "nude, clothed only in sunshine and beauty." "Oh, my," giggled the lad in his unspeakable Cockney way. I could not stand it.

'D'yer think she's goin' ter die? she asked, dropping her voice to a whisper. 'I'm afraid so! As the doctor sat down by Liza's side Mrs. Hodges turned round and significantly nodded to Mrs. Kemp, who put her handkerchief to her eyes. Then she went outside to the little group waiting at the door. 'Wot does the doctor sy? they asked, among them Tom.

The boys found home very pleasant with Sy always there ready to "lend a hand," whether it was to make fancy ties, help conjugate "a confounded verb," pull candy, or sing sweetly in the twilight when all thought of little May and grew quiet. The studio door remained locked till her brothers begged Psyche to open it and make a bust of the child.

'Na, I know thet, said the other; 'but I want ter talk ter you, an' I shan't let yer go until I've said wot I wants ter sy. Liza looked round for help. At the beginning of the altercation the loafers about the public-house had looked up with interest, and gradually gathered round in a little circle.

'As they sy in the Bible, she finished, 'it's enough ter mike one's grey 'airs go dahn into the ground in sorrer. I can show yer my marriage certificate. Of course one doesn't like ter say much, because of course she's very bad; but if she got well I should 'ave given 'er a talkin' ter. There was another knock. 'Do go an' see 'oo thet is; I can't, on account of my rheumatics. Mrs.

Her face between the two tight sheaths of hair seemed to close and shrink to a thin sharp bud. "I sy, it's nearly one o'clock," said she. "You've got to clear out of this. Come!" She rose; she stood before him holding out her hands to help him to get up and go. She laughed again.

I always sy to Bert we 'ave the most interestin' pubs in London on this route, White 'Orse, the 'Orns, the Elephant an' the Ayngel. Ever 'eard of the Ayngel at Islington?" "Yes," said John, "That's where Paine wrote The Rights of Man." "Did 'e?" the driver answered. "Well, I dessay 'e did. It's a celebrated 'ouse, it is. Celebrated in 'istory. There's a song abaht it. You know it, down't you!...