There isn't any other trade in the world that'll take up a whole family an' give them all somethin' to talk about an' think over an' join in. But I've never known a bright boy or girl on a farm that wasn't itchin' to get away from it to a town!" "But something'll have to be done, father!" Henry urged. "We must have farmers!..." "Aye, something'll have to be done, but I'm damned if I know what.

"I tell 'ee what it is," exclaimed Nobbs, the blacksmith, raising his powerful voice above the other voices, and lifting his huge fist in the air, "something'll have to be done, for I can't go on workin' for nothin' in this fashion." "No more can I, or my mates," said Abel Welsh, the carpenter. "Here comes the Prime Minister," cried Teddy Malone.

"He told me how fond they had been of each other until they got accomplishments an' began to put up the price o' themselves. He said that in their own estimation they had riz in value like beef an' ham, an' he confessed how foolish he had been. We were excited an' movin' fast. "'Something'll happen soon, he says. "An' it did, within ten minutes from date.

Even she was sorry for him; and when pity entered little Lady Richard's heart it drove out all other emotions however strong, and routed all resolutions however well-founded. "You look dead-beat, you do indeed," she said. She turned to her husband. "Dick, Mr. Quisanté must come and spend a few quiet days with us in the country. Something'll happen to him, if he doesn't."

"Now you're a member of the 'Happy in Spite', Bob," said he smiling. "This club is what I call a growin' affair. Four members " "Everybody's in," burst forth Jinnie. "Except Peggy," sighed Lafe. "Some day something'll bring her in, too." Bobbie had been at the Grandoken home scarcely a week before Jinnie again got into difficulty.

"Sh!" interrupted the chief. "That's one of your surprises, Mr. Fullaway! Quiet, now, quiet. Our job is to watch. Something'll happen in a minute." Miss Slade and her talkative companion edged their way through the crowd and passed out to an open patch of grass whereon a few children were playing.

"Hang that little Yiddisher!" he growled, as he sucked at his empty pipe; "wish I'd let him get out of his trouble himself. No! I couldn't have done that. He's a plucky little beggar, and I suppose he's as bad off as myself now his pocket-book's gone. Still, I suppose something'll turn up."

Blast him and Hollis for schemers!" said Clancy. "And that's how it comes they're so ready to bet stiffenin' her so stiff for to-morrow that they know something'll happen to the others first. But the Johnnie's a bit stiff, too and there's no ballast out of her.

And look here we had no business to travel to-day; there was a bite of feed in the Patagonia Swamp, if it came to the worst. Now we're in for it. I've got a presentiment that something'll happen before to-morrow night. Just mark my words." A constrained silence fell on the grown-up children, till Willoughby politely sought to restore ease by contributing his quota to the evening's feast of reason

And all the way over I was nearly bursting thinking how surprised you'd be and what fun it would be to have the Queen visit us. Oh, dear!" And Robin drew a long breath, half sigh. "Well, something'll happen now," groaned Beryl, in much the same tone Budge had used. "When she finds out about Susy and me!" And below in the library the same thought held Robin's guardian something must happen, now.