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Mind you, this is on'y what I was told. My orders was to keep clear till the case was over; an' it was on'y a day or two follerin' that me an' pore Bat got our orders for the Diamantinar. Anyhow, Moore whanged it on to Tregarvis for malicious prosecution; an' it cost the Cousin Jack a good many hundred before he was done with it.

I did the same thing myself once with a couple o' quid I ran acrost unexpected, on'y, unfortunately for me, I hid it the day afore my missus started 'er spring-cleaning. One o' the worst men I ever knew for getting into trouble when he came ashore was old Sam Small. If he couldn't find it by 'imself, Ginger Dick and Peter Russet would help 'im look for it.

"Keep out of it, you swabs," he would growl. "It's your on'y chanst. This isn't our shindy. Let 'em rip an' be hanged to 'em!" Yet he was manifestly uneasy, and he kept a wary eye on De Sylva, whom he appraised at a personal value of five thousand pounds "an pickin's." A tall, distinguished-looking man, wearing a brilliant uniform, his breast decorated with many orders, now appeared on the scene.

I've been married eleven years, and I've allwiz prayed the dear Lord to gimme childring. Got any? On'y one little girl; but I want to adopt another from the birth, so as to have something to love when my own's growed up." Glory supposed that Polly could see her baby at any time, but the woman answered doubtfully: "Can she see baby? Well, I would rather not, certingly.

Afther that well, I on'y say that, though pollytics is a gran' career f'r a man, 'tis a tough wan f'r his wife." "If a man come into this saloon " Mr. Hennessy was saying. "This ain't no saloon," Mr. Dooley interrupted. "This is a resthrant." "A what?" Mr. Hennessy exclaimed. "A resthrant," said Mr. Dooley. "Ye don't know, Hinnissy, that liquor is food. It is though. Food an' dhrink.

On'y to think him upstairs getting better, and his people telegraphing to say they'll come over at once, and his cousin lying there out in the cold river, who knows how deep? It only wanted this to make me wish " Jerry did not finish his sentence, but took a letter out of his pocket, read it through, and uttered a derisive laugh. "Yes; it only wanted this to help make me happy.

"'Tis unsafe f'r anny man alive to receive th' kind wurruds that ought to be said on'y iv th' dead. As long as George was a lithograph iv himsilf in a saloon window he was all r-right. Whin people saw he cud set in a city hall hack without flowers growin' in it an' they cud look at him without smoked glasses they begin to weaken in their devotion.

Did McKinley Iver Lose His? An' George'll wake up th' mornin' afther iliction an' he'll have a sore head an' a sorer heart, an' he'll find that th' on'y support he got was fr'm th' goold dimmycratic party, an' th' chances ar-re he caught cold fr'm goin' out without his shawl an' cudden't vote. He'll find that a man can be r- right an' be prisidint, but he can't be both at th' same time.

Brown, with the solemn pride felt by so many at the worsting of the guardians of the law. "They don't reely know anythink about his movements, that's my belief. Why, it's weeks since he was seen. This yarn about his comin' this way is on'y got up to 'ide the fact that they don't know a thing about it. I don't b'lieve he's anywhere within coo-ee of our place.

On'y a smallsup, a littlesup, ponmyhonorasgen'l'man." "Bridget, do you pack up your baggage and be off! Rioting and feasting in the time of our trouble! Ungrateful hussy!" "I'll do that same, Miss Marshy; but me waages, if ye plaze, Miss." "Get your wages, if you can. You've broken more crockery and glass, and wasted more wines and preserves, than you ever earned."

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