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I hear that she has won immensely, et avec beaucoup d'exactitude, ce qui n'est pas fort ordinaire aux dames. Harry St. John has been here to ask me to hold a bank to-night at his wife's, and I had an invitation from Mrs. Crewe also this morning to come to her, and I suppose for the same purpose.

'Quel homme extraordinaire! he once said to me; 'son centre n'est pas au milieu. The usual criticism would have been that, while his own centre was in the middle, he did not seek it in the middle for the things of which he wrote; but I remember that, at the moment in which the words were spoken, they impressed me as full of penetration. Mr.

'Tenez, une danse qui n'est pas permise, said Stanislao: 'je ne sais pas pourquoi, elle est tres jolie, elle va comme ca, and sticking his umbrella upright in the road, he sketched the steps and gestures. All his criticisms of the present, all his regrets for the past, struck me as temperate and sensible.

It was, indeed, becoming visible in his audacious and watchful stare, in the curve, half-reckless, half-contemptuous, of his lips. And a French phrase came upon them as if, for this Costaguanero of the Boulevard, that had been the only forcible language "Non, Madame. Rien n'est perdu." It electrified Mrs. Gould out of her benumbed attitude, and she said, vivaciously

Here, boy, put on these clothes; I will assist you." Once more I was dressed as a girl, and when my clothes were on, O'Brien burst out into laughter at my blue stockings and short petticoats. "Il n'est pas mal," observed the hostess, as she fixed a small cap on my head, and then tied a kerchief under my chin, which partly hid my face.

"The demon of curiosity has a hold of you, Molly; remember the fable they made us repeat: De loin c'est quelque chose, et de près ce n'est rien. Now you shall go straight into your bed, and not take cold."

'Ce n'est pas le bois don't on en fait'. His companion is much better, though he has a strong 'tocco di tedesco'. They both spoke well of you, and so far I liked them both. How go you on with the amiable little Blot? Does she listen to your Battering tale? Are you numbered among the list of her admirers? Is Madame your Madame de Lursay? Does she sometimes knot, and are you her Meilcour?

Ce n'est pas a moi." "Pardon, mademoiselle, you dropped it; I saw you. I heard it fall." "Cependant, it is not mine." "Then it is nobody's. I will throw it away." "Mais, monsieur, it is of silver." "Take it, mademoiselle, I pray."

But there was a bloom of punctuality, so to speak, about these eggs of Bourg, as if it had been the intention of the very hens themselves that they should be promptly served. "Nous sommes en Bresse, et le beurre n'est pas mauvais," the landlady said with a sort of dry coquetry, as she placed this article before me.

"Don't do that again! Please don't. I do not understand it! You must not!" He laughed again, but with a note of tenderness in his voice, and took her hand to lead her away, humming in an undertone the last couplet of his song: "Non, ce n'est qu'une étoile, Qu'éclaire nos amours!"

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