How could I be such a fool as to suppose that, with a few shreds and patches of finery, I could make a fine lady of a grisette? "But, my dear fellow, what else could you have expected? You took Mam'selle Josephine to the Opera Comique. Eh bien! you might as well have taken an oyster up Mount Vesuvius. Our fair friend was out of her element. Voil

Francis, that dislike to the seas has kept you from returning thither, since the decease of my late brother-in-law?" "Wid like for Mam'selle Alide, Monsieur, avec votre permission." "Your affection for my niece, honest François, is not to be doubted. It is as certain as the payment of a good draft, by Crommeline, Van Stopper, and Van Gelt, of Amsterdam.

And yet he made his aunt his confidante told her what she had only suspected before that he was deeply enamoured of Mam'selle Cannes, and would gladly marry her. He spoke to Madame Babette of his father's hoarded riches; and of the share which he, as partner, had in them at the present time; and of the prospect of the succession to the whole, which he had, as only child.

"It is grand malheur, dere should be watair but for drink, and for la propreté, avec fosse to keep de carp round le château. Mais, Mam'selle be no haste jugement, and she shall have mari on la terre solide." "'Twould be better, that the estate of my brother-in-law should be kept in sight, judicious François, than to be sent adrift on the high seas."

Your incantation was in French do they understand the language?" "They understand me." There was a curious dignity in her reply. "You are French, Mam'selle?" "I came from France a long while ago, so long that I do not remember." "Was it in another life? Are you human, or some forest nymph? For you are not out of childhood." "I do not understand." "But you must belong to some one "

"It is very gay, I suppose," subjoined Rose. "Gay and prosperous. Mam'selle, you should be taken there once to show them how Detroit maids bloom. There is much driving about, while here " "The town spreads outside. There are some American farmers, but their methods are wild and queer." "You have a fine son, Madame, and a daughter married, I hear.

I exclaimed with a groan. "What the deuce is her element the Quartier Latin?" "The Quartier Latin is to some extent her habitat but then Mam'selle Josephine belongs to a genus of which you, cher Monsieur Arbuthnot, are deplorably ignorant the genus grisette. The grisette from a certain point of view is the chef-d'oeuvre of Parisian industry; the bouquet of Parisian civilization.

Jeanne Angelot came out of the far room with a curious hesitation. Pani had been much worried for fear she was ill, but Jeanne said laughingly that she was only tired. "Why, you run all day like a deer and never complain," was the troubled comment. "Am I complaining, Pani?" "No, Mam'selle. But I never knew you to want to lie on the cot in the daytime."

"Yes, it seems to me that that is an excellent name.... We will, then, consider her name Rien." He laughed once more. "Because of certain reasons," he went on, "I'm afraid that my paternal duties must cease with the naming of our child." He turned to the dying woman upon the bed. "Bon voyage, mam'selle eh, pardon, madame," he said. He lifted his hat, bowing. To the old woman he turned.

Now you are so clevaire Yankee clevaire, ha, ha, ha!" he laughed with a kind of irritating hilarity; "why should zey make ziss road? From ze north from Leteur all around zey bring our women to make ziss road. Ziss is where Mam'selle is so! Close by it lives my comrade, Blondel. Ziss is noble army to command, ugh!" He gritted his teeth. "All are women!"