"No adjustment can possibly take place. Doctor Lane must fight, or be posted as a coward, and a scoundrel." "He holds himself ready to give Mr. Everett all the satisfaction he requires," was the half-indignant reply. "Then, of course, you are prepared to name the weapons; and the time and place of meeting?" "I am not.

If he'd only let me, I'd like to pose him a bit." Mrs. Nairn, with Evelyn's assistance, did so instead, rearranging the cushions about the man, in spite of his confused and half-indignant protests; and during the next half-hour the room was generally full. People walked in, made sympathetic inquiries, or exchanged cheerful banter, until Mrs. Nairn forcibly dismissed the last of them.

Kate turned her head slowly round, and the expression on her face was half-indignant, half-humorous, while her eyes were uncertain weather prophets, and gave equal indication of sunshine or rain. "Why, Katherine, you look like a tragedy queen, rather than the spirit of comedy!

The bagging of his trousers at the knees made his straight legs appear bent, as if for a jump at something, while his daughter Phyllis looked at him searchingly, but not in the least impatiently, her fine gray eyes wide open, and her face, with its delicately blooming cheeks, its peach-petal lips, and its saucy little nose, all attention and half-indignant surprise.

"And I bet I know the same chap," said Moses, jumping at the conclusion, with an accompanying exhibition of elasticity, not unworthy of the bygone arena, and then added, "and we both of us seed him this 'ere evenin'. Aint that so, eh, Melindy?" "There, don't be silly, Moses," said the half-indignant Melindy, pouting her ripe red lips, and trying to look very prim.

The meeting of Seguin with his wife and daughter; my own short embrace and hurried kiss; the sobs and swooning of my betrothed; the mother's recognition of her long-lost child; the anguish that ensued as her yearning heart made its appeals in vain; the half-indignant, half-pitying looks of the hunters; the triumphant gestures and ejaculations of the Indians: all formed points in a picture that lives with painful vividness in my memory, though I am not sufficiently master of the author's art to paint it.

"Well, I daresay you were wise; though I'm told he'll be captain shortly, and he has his good points, Jimmy is no catch. You certainly might do better." Millicent turned her head, half-indignant, half-embarrassed, and Mrs. Keith laughed. "My dear," she resumed gently, "I'm glad you have some sense.

A half-indignant letter from a friend whose temporary accommodation had not been repaid, a bill at three months wanting renewing, a tailor threatening the extremest rigours of the law, and similar literature, familiar to a distressed man, was punctually brought by the Post-office orderly for his delectation.

"He went to get some candy, and just for fun, I scooted off. And somebody had said you came this way, Dot, so I followed just for fun. Why, what's the matter?" Dolly looked in amazement at the group of angry men and at the half-frightened, half-indignant faces of Dotty and Tod. "Matter enough," Tod said; "you keep out of it, Dolly.

"He's the fool!" said Scott rather shortly. "I shouldn't bother myself over that if I were you." "I can't help it," said Dinah, her voice squeaking on a note half-indignant, half-piteous. "I I behaved so idiotically, just like a raw schoolgirl. And I hate myself for it now!" Scott looked at her for the first time since the beginning of her confidences.