"But, Uncle Remus," said the little boy, dolefully, "that was cheating." "Co'se, honey. De creeturs 'gun ter cheat, en den fokes tuck it up, en hit keep on spreadin'. Hit mighty ketchin', en you mine yo' eye, honey, dat somebody don't cheat you 'fo' yo' ha'r git gray ez de ole nigger's."

The boy's white American white. Who ever seed a yeller-hided Mexikin with them eyes and ha'r? Jack, this hyur's Cap'n Haller. If yur kin iver save his life by givin' yur own, yur must do it, de ye hear?" "I will," said the boy resolutely. "Come, Lincoln," I interposed, "these conditions are not necessary. You remember I was in your debt." "Ain't worth mentioning Cap; let bygones be bygones!"

"Davy says the Ha'r Buyer's sculp hangs by the lock, boys," he shouted, pointing at the sun. The word was cried from boat to boat, and we could see the men pointing upwards and laughing. And then, as the light began to grow, we were in the midst of the tumbling waters, the steersmen straining now right, now left, to keep the prows in the smooth reaches between rock and bar.

Barrin' thar ain't no Sittin' Bulls layin' in wait fer us, behead yander, in ther mounts, I'm of ther candid opinion we'll get through wi'out scrapin' a ha'r." "I hope so," said Fearless Frank, rolling over on the grass and gazing at the guide, thoughtfully, "but I doubt it.

He can run thirty foot to Coyote's one, an' the result occurs in safety by the breadth of a ha'r. "It takes two hours to explain to Coyote that this eepisode is humour, an' to ca'm him an' get his emotions bedded down. At last, yoonited Wolfville succeeds in beatin' the trooth into him, an' he permits Peets to approach an' apol'gise.

Starbuck, I know an old feller about yo' size an' with gray ha'r that has made a good deal o' licker when the sun wan't shinin'. And that fetches me down to the p'int. I have applied fur appointment as Deputy United States Marshal. Do you know what that means if I git it?"

At this there was a slight rumble in Mr. Buffum's throat. "Why, what made it rise so?" inquired the most interested and eldest Miss Buffum. "Now, ain't your purty eyes wide open?" said Jim. "You're jest fooling; you know you are," responded Miss Buffum, blushing. "Do ye see the ha'r on the back of my hand?" said Jim, patting one of those ample instruments with the other.

You might see 'em all over camp, for it's August weather an' the walls of the tents an' teepees is looped up to let in the cool, daubin' the ocher on their faces an' braidin' the feathers into their ha'r.

It's a wonder he's held out this long, poor Hugh. I never did see a human bein' hang on like him." "What'll we do, then?" "Wall, youngster, thar's only one thing to do. That's to pull out while we kin, 'fore we lose our ha'r. 'Tis a wonder the Injuns ain't diskivvered us already. Glass is as good as dead, now; but we'll wait till dark."

Thar's a flash an' a spit of white smoke as he fires his six-shooter straight at Faro Nell. "Silver Phil is quick, but Cherokee is quicker. Cherokee sweeps Faro Nell from her stool with one motion of his arm an' the bullet that's searchin' for her lifts Cherokee's ha'r a trifle where he 'most gets his head in its way. "Ondoubted, this Silver Phil allows he c'llects on Faro Nell as planned.