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"I've got to go, Champ; she wants me." Champney seized him with a strong hand by the suspenders. "Here, hold on! Who, you gump?" "The girl le' me go." But Champney gripped him fast. "No, you don't, Roman; let her yell." "Ro man zo-o-o-o!" The range of this peremptory call was two octaves at least. "By gum she's up to something, and Tave won't stand any more fooling le' me go!"

Once I came suddenly upon old Gump, the major-domo of the house servants, preparing to give a little pickaninny a thrashing, and I stopped to ask what he had done. "He's done been stealing Mas' Tom," answered Gump. "Ain' goin' t' hab no t'iefs roun' dis yere house, not if I knows it." "What did he steal, uncle?" I asked. "Dis yere whip," said Gump, and he held up an old riding-whip of mine.

They were all of the same opinion as Landy; and agreed that no one but Hen could ever have written those fateful words. "I never would have believed he could ever be such a silly gump!" was what Lil Artha remarked, after surveying the crooked writing, which, of course, he knew only too well.

I was a balloonist for many years, and once my balloon carried me to the Land of Oz, and once to the Vegetable Kingdom. And once Ozma had a Gump that flew all over this kingdom and had sense enough to go where it was told to which airships won't do.

Why, I have a cousin a second no, third cousin, a relative of Daddy's, she is who hadn't much money and whose health wasn't good and the doctor sent her to live in the country. Live there all the time! Only fancy! Oh, I forgot you were going to do the same thing. Do forgive me! I'm so sorry! WHAT a perfect gump I am! Oh, dear me! There I go again! And I know you abhor slang, Mrs. Wyeth."

"Indeed!" said Oliver; "pray whereabouts do they dwell?" "You have heard of the Gump, I suppose?" "What! the barren plain near Carn Kenidjack, to the north of St. Just?" "The same. Well, this is said to be a celebrated haunt of the pixies, who have often led benighted travellers astray, and shown them wonderful sights.

"Standing at the gate. How long will it take you to get ready?" "Oh, I'll hurry like anything." "'Wash, dress, be brief in praying. Few beads are best when once we go a Maying." "I won't pray, I won't put on beads. But, see here, what about what they call in this country my collation? You know I'm a gump on an empty stomach."

Rangers feel the same way about their charges. Perhaps a hundred people got on the train leaving the Canyon one snowy zero night. Those people were forgotten instantly, but not so the bellicose dame found wandering around the station asking when her train would go. She had a ticket to New York, and stood on the platform like Andy Gump while the train with her baggage aboard pulled out.

"A friend of mine says that democracy is an enchantment." "It is in a gambling joint. There are a million boys in our public schools right now swallowing the gump of canal boy to President, and millions of worthy citizens who sleep sound every night in the belief that they have a say in running the country." "You talk like my brother Tom," Saxon said, failing to comprehend.

"Because the poor little thing was crying actually!" gasped Pratt, very red in the face. "Great tears were running out of its beautiful eyes. I could have killed a helpless baby just as easily." Frances coiled up her line and never said a word. But Sue flashed out: "Oh, you gump! I've been in at the death of a fox a number of times and seen the brush cut off and the dogs worry the beast to death.

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