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She waved her hand, and, to a chorus of answering good-nights, we moved away. The grandfather's clock which stood in the hall struck twelve. My eyes seemed loath to close in sleep. It is true I had not gone to bed till half-past eleven, but usually Sleep sat upon my pillow, and proceeded to blindfold me a few minutes after my going to bed.

If he had only not got his grandfather's mouth and nose! And, smiling after all 'I don't know what I said to be so scolded; all lads flirt, and you can't deny that Master Tom divided his attentions pretty freely last year between Mrs. Pugh and poor Ave Ward. 'This time, I believe, it was out of pure kindness to me, said Ethel, 'so I am bound to his defence.

The Bible had belonged to his grandfather and to his grandfather's father. The heads of the family had inscribed on a blank page at the end their names and the important dates of their lives births, marriages, deaths. It had been with him to the hour of his death, as it had been with his father. Holding it in his hands, Christophe felt less lonely.

Marjorie wanted to say that her grandfather wasn't poor. "Your grandfather's place don't bring in much, I reckon." "I don't know," Marjorie answered. "How many acres? Not more'n fifty, and some of that made land. I remember when some of your grandfather's land was water! I don't see what your uncle James had to settle down to business in Boston for that's what comes of marrying a city girl!

In the hall downstairs, the grandfather's clock rang out its musical chimes and then, in ponderous tones, slowly struck the twelve hours of midnight. The master of the house was sitting at the desk in the library, looking over some papers. From time to time he glanced significantly, first at the clock and then at the corner where Helen and Ray were chatting over the events of the day.

Some wretched idiot, whose grandfather's grave I hope the jackasses have defiled, as the Turks would say, told me that the best preventive of sea-sickness was to drink as much of the milk punch as I could swallow. Like another idiot, I did so. I went again to the side of the vessel, but now the fascination of the scene had all faded out.

She will come over to Abbotsmead the day after to-morrow." Bessie could not help being reminded by her grandfather's face and voice of another old Beechhurst friend Mr. Phipps. Perhaps this luncheon at Hartwell had been pleasanter to her than to him, though even she had an aftertaste of disappointment in it, because Lady Latimer no longer dazzled her judgment.

Forgetting, with a child's happy readiness, the fears and doubts which had lately troubled her, she was full of the present, enjoying, with a most unselfish enjoyment, everything that pleased anybody else. She was glad that the supper was a fine one, and so approved, because it was her grandfather's hospitality, and her aunt Miriam's housekeeping; little beside was her care for pies or coffee.

'And what sort of a man was this Baush? I asked after a short silence. 'Why, how comes it you have heard about Milovidka, and not about Baush? He was your grandfather's chief huntsman and whipper-in. Your grandfather was as fond of him as of Milovidka.

A transient flush of faint surprise overspread the sick lady's face as she raised her eyes towards him. 'He will be christened Paul, my Mrs Dombey of course. She feebly echoed, 'Of course, or rather expressed it by the motion of her lips, and closed her eyes again. 'His father's name, Mrs Dombey, and his grandfather's! I wish his grandfather were alive this day!

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